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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Finland Jay Ray 137 Metal
Finland Jay Ray Crucial Fracture Rock
Finland Jay Ray King Vultures Metal
Finland Jay Ray The Great Art Of Living Metal
Finland Blind Channel Wolfpack Rock
Finland Blind Channel Alone Against All Rock
Finland Cyan Kicks Gasoline Electronic metal?
Finland Oceanhoarse The Oceanhoarse Rock
Finland Oceanhoarse Fading Neons Metal
Finland Shiraz Lane Harder to Breathe Rock
Finland Shiraz Lane Tidal Wave Rock
Finland One Desire Buried Alive Metal
Finland One Desire Hurt Rock
Winners of Audiodraft contest
Category 1 - ROCK - plays before / after race
United States Hailsagan Doors Will Open Metal
England State Of Ember Denial Rock
United States A Silent Truth Chariot Metal
Netherlands No Man's Valley The Wolves Are Coming Rock
United States Black Dali Judas Rock
Russia The Mowex War (with Matt Litwin feat. Marcus Klavan) Rock
Italy Gorilla Pulp In Your Waters Rock
Category 2 - ELECTRONIC - plays in menu
Russia studiodamas Messier77 D&B
Russia Globalix ElectroMechanics Electronica
Poland Xceed Check Point Electronica
Somebody Track 1 Composed soundtrack !Beta
Trailers (only)
United States Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down Rock !Zero Hero the Bonebreaker Trailer (and other trailers)

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