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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Frankie Jonathan Bernstein Climbing Up Dubstep
Spreader Roller Electronica
Ben Dotson & Leonardo Di Desiderio & Mark Williams Slybrations Dubstep
Lee Groves & Peter Marett Number of the Beats Electronica
Matthew Corbett & Mike Wilkie Troublemaker Rock
Danny Wheeler Trail of Fire Electronica
Chris Penny & Skinny Williams Black Bootstomp Rock
Henri Lanz & Skinny Williams & William Rappaport Meathead Mush‑Up Rock
Danny McCarthy Let it in McCarthy Dubstep
Mark Vinten Rompa Stompa Dubstep
Franck Fossey Play the Beat Dubstep
Benoît Jego & Didier Viseux Skrambled Hex Dubstep
Jason Zaffary & John Hunter Jr & Jonathan Slott That Robojig Dubstep
Skinny Williams & Timothy Kvasnovsky Non Stop Body Rock Sweat Shop Dubstep

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