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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Frankie Jonathan Bernstein Climbing Up Dubstep
Spreader Roller Electronica
Ben Dotson, Leonardo Di Desiderio, Mark Williams Slybrations Dubstep
Lee Groves & Peter Marett Number of the Beats Electronica
Matthew Corbett & Mike Wilkie Troublemaker Rock
Danny Wheeler Trail of Fire Electronica
Chris Penny, Skinny Williams Black Bootstomp Rock
Henri Lanz, Skinny Williams, William Rappaport Meathead Mush‑Up Rock
Danny McCarthy Let it in McCarthy Dubstep
Mark Vinten Rompa Stompa Dubstep
Franck Fossey Play the Beat Dubstep
Benoît Jego, Didier Viseux Skrambled Hex Dubstep
Jason Zaffary, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott That Robojig Dubstep
Skinny Williams, Timothy Kvasnovsky Non Stop Body Rock Sweat Shop Dubstep

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