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World Of Speed

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Beta build (Russia-only) (order of songs unknown)
United States Chris Blackwell Killswitch Rock
England Deltar A Long Time Ago
England Deltar My Dear Lady !Ingame title: System of an Alt J
United States Chris Blackwell Game Changer Rock
England John Harvey Rise Again Composed soundtrack
England Nik Ammar Six Feet Under (with Franklyn Hill) Indie
England John Harvey RTA Composed soundtrack
England John Harvey Blackjack Girl Composed soundtrack !EGX London Twitch Live Stream [Replay]
England Deltar Waiting for the Lights Rock
Russia Rocket Sister Into The Nightmare Metal
England Deltar Liverpool Road Rock
England John Harvey Personal Army Composed soundtrack
United States Chris Blackwell We Made It Rock
Russia Rocket Sister My Best Metal
England Deltar Get Out of Here
England Circuits Young Enough Not To Care Rock
England Terrorvision D'ya Wanna Go Faster Rock
England Don Broco Fancy Dress Rock
England Deltar Isabelle Rock
United States Chris Blackwell Shaguar
Russia Rocket Sister Losing Pride Metal
Russia Rocket Sister Soundwave Metal
United States Chris Blackwell Chosen One Rock
Russia Rocket Sister Just a Bet Metal !Added in Steam Early Access build.
England Deltar Rouge
United States Chris Blackwell Burn Rubber Rock
England Little Barrie I Can't Wait Rock !Dynamic Parts Teaser; EGX London Twitch Live Stream [Replay]
England Nik Ammar Hollywood (with Maria Altschuler) Indie rock !Fast Cars in Moscow
United States Chris Blackwell Flatline Rock
Russia Rocket Sister I'll Be Fine Metal
United States Chris Blackwell Zombiehunt Rock
Russia Rocket Sister Lie Cry Die Metal
England John Harvey Dirty Rider !Added in Steam Early Access build.
Hip Hop
England I Am Legion Choosing For You Dubstep
United States Sincere Ain't Nobody Like You Rap
United States Lex One Believe Rap
United States Lex One My Own Worst Enemy (Remedy) Rap
England Foreign Beggars Apex Trap
United States Lex One Killem Rap
United States Lex One I Am a Beast Rap
Austria Camo and Krooked Breezeblock Dubstep !E3 Customization Trailer; Dream Drive Teaser
Italy Gysnoize Starship Troopers Dubstep
Italy Gysnoize Too Many Power D&B
Ukraine White Dolphins Enjoy Your Life (feat. Frai) D&B
Netherlands O'dio Androi Blam Stoker !Credited as Audio Android
Netherlands O'dio Androi Replication !Credited as Audio Android
Netherlands O'dio Androi The Penguin !Credited as Audio Android
Netherlands O'dio Androi Caves of Gold !Credited as Audio Android
England RuN RiOT Upon Your Enemy (feat. Doll) Dubstep
England RuN RiOT Kill Them (feat. Benji Webbe) Dubrockstep
United States Toyaz Cat Second Step Dubstep
United States Aspectia Steam Machine D&B
Russia Sensorica Doomsday Electronica
Netherlands O'dio Androi Acceleration !Credited as Audio Android
Netherlands O'dio Androi Artificial Intelligence !Credited as Audio Android
Russia Black Dominates Painful D&B
Ukraine Faberlique Sleep Blind (F.I.69 Remix) Progressive House
Russia Black Dominates Not The Same Dubstep
Netherlands O'dio Androi Alien Engine !Credited as Audio Android
United States Klaypex Hey Hey Electronica
England Run RiOT Damage Electronica !Added in Steam Early Access build.
England RuN RiOT London Riots Electronica !Added in Steam Early Access build.
United States DJ Tommy One Time Breaks Electronica
Netherlands O'dio Androi Pulse !Credited as Audio Android
Russia Arabica Everland Progressive house
Italy Andrew StetS Confluence 2036 Progressive House
Brazil Luiz B Music is Hypnotizing Progressive House
United States Richard Earnshaw iCulture House
Latvia PYEP Unstoppable House
England Est8 Liftin Me High (with Emily Cook) (Spiritchaser Dub) House
Russia Dayton Hardswoff Highway Patrol (Vito Fantis Remix) Progressive House !See webarchive.
Australia Comha Time (San Ko Remix) Progressive House
Russia Tesla Boy Spirit of the Night Synthpop
Netherlands O'dio Androi Starbust Master !Credited as Audio Android
Russia Phillipo Blake We Stroll Together (with Eddy) (feat. Nika) (Alex Tasty Dub Mix) House
Russia Phillipo Blake Where Are You (with Nikolay Kempinskiy) (feat. V Ray) (Denis Kenzo Remix) Progressive House
Netherlands O'dio Androi Let There Be Light !Credited as Audio Android
Italy Shevelvy American Patriot House
Netherlands O'dio Androi Lazer Grid !Credited as Audio Android
Russia WLDN Anything (feat. ikdown) D&B
Canada Totally Sick Fatality Electro House
United States Dani Deahl Paralyzed (with The Dirty Tees) House
United States Miami House Party Closer To Me (Matty G Extended Mix) Electronica !Credited as "Til The Music Is Over (with Matty G & G. Lane)"
United States Rikko Midnight Love Progressive House
Original Soundtrack
England Stephen Baysted Original Music Score
England Stephen Baysted Red vs Blue Composed soundtrack
England Stephen Baysted Splintered Composed soundtrack
England Stephen Baysted Orion Composed soundtrack
England Stephen Baysted Quies Ante Tempestatem Composed soundtrack !Found in game files
United States Chamillionaire Ridin' Rap !Gamescom Trailer Teaser
England Black Futures Chemical Electronic rock !Announcement Trailer
Italy Enrico Cacace Motoman Industrial !Amsterdam Event
England Scott Doran Depth Charge (with Caspar Kedros) Electronica !Cars of World of Speed - Part I
Norway Richard Powell Operation Anaconda D&B !McLaren in Moscow
England Jay Price Electro Vendetta Electronica !Dream Drive: Mazda RX-7 vs. Mercedes Benz 190E
England Itchy Kid Flutes Electronica !Track Condition. Tom Swindells
United States Russell McKamey The Super Race Composed soundtrack !Gamescom Team Racing Trailer
United States Mitchell Ray Marlow Untouchable (with Danny Mccarthy & Guy Wallace) Rock !Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X vs. Subaru Impreza WRX STi
England Stephen Hilton This is a Warning Sign Rock !The Mazda RX-7 (FC3S)
United States Ice Man Americana Rock !Ford Mustang GT
England Emily Taylor The Battle Begins (with Rupert Garvey & Christopher Harvey) Composed soundtrack !BMW M3 E92
England Philip Hochstrate Supersonic Light Indie rock !McLaren F1
England Jay Price Emperor Electronica !Toyota Supra Mk4
United States Mitchell Ray Marlow Shoot and Loot (with Danny Mccarthy & Guy Wallace) Electronic rock !Dream Drive Teaser (Coub)
United States Warren Martinez Gods of Rock (with Jack Saturday) Rock !Dream Drive: Ford Mustang GT vs. Chevrolet Camaro SS
England Jay Price Bright Young Things Indie rock !BMW Z4 sDrive30i
England Mark Lasker Adrenaline Montage Composed soundtrack !Race the World!
England Stephen Hilton Night Rock !Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)
England Wayne Roberts Abandon Me Pop !Dream Drive: Pagani Huayra / Ford Mustang GT
Deleted or never appearead in the game though was mentioned
United States Yellowcard Way Away Rock

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