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Wipeout Pure

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Ireland Aphex Twin Naks Acid Electronica
Wales CoLD SToRAGE Onyx Electronica
England Cosmos Kinection Electronica !Tom Middleton credited
Netherlands DJ Tiesto Goldrush Electronica
England Drumattic Twins Twister Electronica
England Elite Force Cross The Line Electronica
New Zealand Freq Nasty Grand Theft Electronica
Australia Friendly We Got Juice Electronica
Canada Jay Tripwire Room 2 Electronica
England LFO Flu-Shot Electronica
United States Ming + FS Hellion Electronica
England Paul Hartnoll Ignition Electronica
England Photek C Note (Instrumental Mix) D&B
England Plump DJs Black Jack 3 Electronica
England Rennie Pilgrem Bug (with Roxiller) Electronica
England Stanton Warriors Night Mover Electronica
England T Power The System (Wipeout Dub) Electronica
United States Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown Crafty Youth Electronica !Tayo Poppola credited
England Themroc Mean Red Electronica !Dan Peppe and Jon Collyer credited
England Paul Hartnoll Boot Up Electronica !Intro only
Norway Royksopp Curves Electronica !Menu music
Wipeout Pure album (only)
Wales Hybrid Zulu Electronica
England Ils Saxtrax Electronica
England Way Out West Pulse of Life (Edit) Electronica
DLC Classic Pack Soundtrack
Wales CoLD SToRAGE Cairodrome Electronica
Wales CoLD SToRAGE Canada Electronica
Wales CoLD SToRAGE Messij Electronica
Wales CoLD SToRAGE Operatique Electronica
DLC WIRE05 Pack Soundtrack
Japan Takkyu Ishino Jingle WIRE05 Electronica
DLC Continue Pack Soundtrack
Japan Akira Ishihara Breaking the Ice Electronica
Japan Akira Ishihara Open the P.A. Electronica
DLC Oblivion Music Pack Soundtrack
England James Jaye Disconnect (with Alex Calver) Trance
England MDA & Spherical Reminiscence Trance
England Greg Brookman The Butterfly Effect (with Ben Bennett) Trance
DLC A7 Music Pack Soundtrack
England McQueen Leave Me Dead Rock
United States Inner Mantra How Can This be Fair Rock
England Fightclub Bleed on Me ???
England Machines Wielding Weapons Flashback Rock
DLC Voice of Cod Music Pack Soundtrack
Australia Voice of Cod Bakelite Satellite Trance
Australia Voice of Cod Bubbles of Nothing Trance
DLC Exit 15 Pack Soundtrack
United States Exit 15 Come Shot ???
DLC Pure Urban UK Soundtrack
England Sway Slo' Downn Rap
England Tinie Tempah Listen 2 The Vibe (with Ironik and Yazmin) ???
England Bruza In the Endz Rap
DLC Pure Urban France Soundtrack
France Dakrishna Bad Boy Racing D&B
France Earsut The Bad Reputation D&B
France Tarik N Djamel Wanted Punk D&B
DLC Pure Urban Germany Soundtrack
Germany Armin Treiber Just Jack ???
Germany Shipper Echoboard ???
Germany Resonator Loewen Hertz ???
DLC Pure Urban Italy Soundtrack
Italy Delroy Hard Rain (feat. Micronauti) D&B
Italy DJ War Jungle Style (feat. Lu Marra) D&B
Italy Rumba Plaiser D&B
DLC Pure Urban Netherlands Soundtrack
Netherlands Big Ed Pak Uti Rap
Netherlands Ijsman Ziel (Lazerus Remix) Rap
Netherlands Miss Dee Stop Foolin (feat. Leo Tani) Rap
DLC Pure Urban Spain Soundtrack
Spain Deepologists Apocalyptic Motion (feat. Katrina Marie) ???
Spain Jordi Goberna Are You A Coconut ???
Spain Nabil Moratalla One Minute Theory ???

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