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Vin Diesel Wheelman

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Canada All The Brightness Never You Rock !See Crucial Music portfolio. Credited as "It's Always The Same"
Russia Blindswitch Kick Me Rock !See Broadjam. Credited as "She Was Gone"
Russia Blindswitch Let's Stay Together Rock !Credited as "You and Me Forever"
United States Matthew De Luca Ain't Gonna Fall !Credited as "Gonna Set You Free"
United States Phantom 5 Stand Up
United States Redlist Higher Rapcore !Credited as "Hands Up"
United States Chad Addison Goin' Underground (feat. Shayminn) !Credited as "Shaymin n Chad - Looking for the Truth"
New Zealand Al Van Der Beek I Betcha (with Adam Marc Johnson) !Credited as "Bet You Do"
United States Alisha Uh-Huh I Think You Know It Pop !Credited as "Heaven Sent Me"
United States A.S.N. If You Want It (feat. Lee Wilson) Rap !Credited as "Eyes on the Prize"
United States CUSH Pop Shit !Credited as "Back It Up"
United States Eric Anthony Serenade You
United States N.A.W.T.Y. Rollin Rollin !Credited as "Take That"
United States Ghost in the Machine Standalone Electronica !Credited as "Ghost in the Machine - Rise Up"
United States Daniel Lenz I Do It Again Composed soundtrack !Credited as "Psykohed - Walking On Fire"
United States Stephan Sechi Fat Versus Slim
United States Zircon Warhead Composed soundtrack !Credited as "Zircon - H Bomb"
United States H. L. Guyton Know Your Name (with Bruce Gardner) com !Credited as "H. L. Guyton - Put Your Hands In The Sky"
United States Cypress Hill Latin Thugs Rap
United States Cypress Hill Latin Thugs (Remix) Rap !3volution remix
Argentina Federico Aubele Lluvia Tango
United States Erik Haddad Critters
United States Dan Radlauer Spooky Orchestra (Circus Background)
Argentina Federico Aubele Maria Jose ???
Argentina Federico Aubele Las Canciones ???
Argentina Federico Aubele La Orilla ???
Argentina Federico Aubele Este Momento ???
Argentina Federico Aubele Corazon ???
Argentina Federico Aubele La Esquina ???
Argentina Federico Aubele En Cada Lugar ???
Not credited?
United States Christopher Glassfield Havana Cafe Latin !Plays always when starting the game
England Kent Davies Smooth Flyer
England Sam Glossop Fat Kong Composed soundtrack
England Benjamin Pegley Man From O'yeah (with Herbert Clarke)
England Benjamin Pegley Bangin' Blades (with Herbert Clarke)
England Benjamin Pegley Power Break (with Herbert Clarke)
England Neil Shepherd Funkadelic
England Neil Shepherd Brainspawn
France Patrick Chartol Mad Computers (with Anais Morgan & Jean Patrick Voindrot)
United States Christopher Glassfield Poppeto

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