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Need for Speed Underground 2

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Main Menu (as default)
United States Snoop Dogg Riders On The Storm (feat. The Doors) (Fredwreck Remix) Alt-rap !Always played after intro. "NFSU2 Launch Event" trailer.
United States Capone I Need Speed Rap
United States Chingy I Do Rap !Appeared in demo version (PC). "Cast" Trailer (#7).
United States Sly Boogy That'z My Name Rap
United States Xzibit LAX Rap !Coal Harbor West cutscene.
United States Terror Squad Lean Back Rap !"Spinners" trailer (#15).
During races (as default)
England Fluke Switch/Twitch Electronica !Appeared in demo version (PS2). First trailer. Downhill Drift cutscene.
United States Christopher Lawrence Rush Hour Trance !Underground Rivals Japanese trailer
United States Felix Da Housecat Rocket Ride (Soulwax Remix) Electroclash
France Sin Hard EBM EBM
England Adam Freeland Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner Remix) Alt-dance
Germany Paul Van Dyk Nothing But You (Cirrus Remix) Breakbeat !Appeared in demo version (PC).
Australia Sonic Animation E-Ville Breakbeat !"Cast" Trailer (#7). Plays in intro of PSP version.
England Killing Joke The Death & Resurrection Show Industrial metal
United States Rise Against Give It All Hardcore punk !Plays in intro of PSP version.
United States Killradio Scavenger Punk rock
United States The Bronx Notice of Eviction Garage punk !Appeared in demo version (PS2).
United States Ministry No W Thrash metal !Underground Rivals Japanese trailer
United States Queens of the Stone Age In My Head Alt-rock !Appeared in demo version (PC).
United States Mudvayne Determined Thrash metal
England Septembre I Am Weightless Alt-rock
United States Helmet Crashing Foreign Cars Alt-metal
United States Cirrus Back On A Mission Big beat !Jackson Heights cutscene.
Australia Spiderbait Black Betty Alt-rock !E3 2004 Trailer
Wales Skindred Nobody Nu-metal
United States Snapcase Skeptic Alt-metal
United States Unwritten Law Celebration Song Alt-rock !Plays in intro of PSP version.
Composed soundtrack
United States Tom Salta Scuzz Missile Composed soundtrack !It was used in few trailers.
United States Tom Salta Do It Again Composed soundtrack !"Airport" Trailer (#5). Career intro. Wraiths' introduction - before starting the 2nd airport URL race in Stage 3
United States Tom Salta Take it To The Top Composed soundtrack !Final cutscene.
Underground Rivals (only)
Germany Donots We Got The Noise Rock
Canada No Warning Breeding Insanity Metal
Netherlands DJ Tiesto Breda 8pm (DJ Montana Edit) Electronica
United States My Chemical Romance Thank You For The Venom Rock !Need For Speed Underground Rivals Trailer
United States Hot Water Music The End of The Line Rock !Plays first every time you launch NFS Underground Rivals
Belgium Soulwax Any Minute Now Rock
Deleted from final version
United States Atmosphere The Keys to Life vs. 15 Minutes of Fame Rap !Music CD. Available in pre-alpha version and PS2 demo.
United States Mos Def Jam On It Rap !Found in menu files.
England Adam Freeland We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical Mix) D&B !Found in menu files.
United States Authority Zero Revolution Rock !Music label article: https://web.archive.org/web/20090526022534/http://www.roynet.com/archive_current_events/090104.cfm
Nintendo DS (only)
England Allister Brimble Main Menu Composed soundtrack
England William Jay Stein No Limit (Allister Brimble Edit) Composed soundtrack !Race Music 1
England Allister Brimble Race Music 2 Composed soundtrack
England William Jay Stein Rapid Fire (Allister Brimble Edit) Composed soundtrack !Race Music 3
England William Jay Stein Crust (Allister Brimble Edit) Composed soundtrack !Race Music 4
England Allister Brimble Race Music 5 Composed soundtrack
England William Jay Stein Concert Vomit (Allister Brimble Edit) Composed soundtrack !Race Music 6
England William Jay Stein Monster Rash (Allister Brimble Edit) Composed soundtrack !Race Music 7
GBA (only)
England Allister Brimble Full Soundtrack Composed soundtrack
Trailers (only)
England Fatboy Slim Slash Dot Dash Electronica !"NFSU2 Launch Event" trailer.
Netherlands Junkie XL No Remorse Electronic rock !Underground Rivals Trailer
United States Atlas Plug Two Days or Die Electronic rock !Xbox Magazine Underground 2 trailer
Other weird stuff
United States Nirvana Dumb Grunge !Found in dump of speed2.exe file.
United States Hithut Recordings Menu Theme OOFOOFOOFOOFOOF !Java Soundtrack
Somebody Hidden Theme OOFOOFOOFOOFOOFOOF !Java mobile.
United States Interpol Obstacle 1 Indie rock !Found in game files (Underground Rivals).
United States Rise Against Black Masks and Gasoline Rock !Found in PSW preview gameplay; named as 'Black Masks'
Japanese DVD Promo Something Vol.1
United States Metallica One Metal !Intro in Chapter 1
United States Trapt Headstrong Rock !Seattle show in Chapter 2
United States 50 Cent Magic Stick (with Lil Kim) Rap !Orlando show in Chapter 2

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