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Need for Speed Underground

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
During races (as default)
England Overseer Doomsday Electronic Rock !Also in GBA Version
United States The Crystal Method Born Too Slow Electronic rock !PC Demo
United States Rancid Out Of Control Punk rock
United States Rob Zombie Two-Lane Blacktop Rock !"Main Drift Event" trailer (#3).
United States BT Kimosabe (feat. Wildchild) Electronica !Intro. Announcement Trailer. Drag cutscene. Trailer #2. "Girls" trailer (#4).
United States Static-X The Only Rock !Also in GBA Version
United States Element Eighty Broken Promises Rock !"Element Eighty" trailer (#5).
England Asian Dub Foundation Fortress Europe Electronica
United States Hotwire Invisible Rock
United States Story of the Year And The Hero Will Drown Rock
England Andy Hunter The Wonders of You (feat. Lyle Day) Electronica
Netherlands Junkie XL Action Radius Electronic rock
United States Fuel Quarter Rock
Australia Jerk Sucked In Industrial !Also in GBA Version
England Fluke Snapshot Electronica
Wales Lostprophets (To Hell We) Ride Rock
England Overseer Supermoves Industrial !PS2 Demo Intro
England FC Kahuna Glitterball Big beat
Sweden Blindside Swallow Rock
Main Menu (as default)
United States Lil Jon Get Low (with The Eastside Boyz) Rap !Always played after intro. About 25% song lyrics were censored. Also in GBA Version
United States Mystikal Smashing The Gas (Get Faster) Rap
United States Dilated Peoples Who's Who Rap
United States Nate Dogg Keep It Coming Rap !"Girls" trailer (#4).
United States X-Ecutioners Body Rock Rap !"Girls" trailer (#4).
United States Petey Pablo Need For Speed Rap !Drift cutscene.
United States T.I. 24's Rap
Original Soundtrack
United States Jim Latham Original Music Score (10 songs) Composed soundtrack
Deleted from final version as reported by Speedyheart
United States Jurassic 5 Jayou Rap
Canada K-Os Superstar Part Zero Rap
United States Mos Def Ms. Fat Booty 2 (feat. GHOSTFACE KILLAH) Rap !In-game name: (Ms. Booty (RMX))
United States N.E.R.D. Rock Star Rap
United States KRS-One Step Into a World Rap
England Jamiroquai Feel So Good Funk
Other deleted stuff
United States Fabolous Young'n (Holla Back) Rap !E3 2003 Trailer. PS2 Demo
United States 50 Cent If I Can't Rap !Found in beta game files.
United States Mos Def Body Rock Rap !Found in beta game files
United States Talib Kweli The Manifesto Rap !Found in beta game files
United States The Crystal Method Born Too Slow (Instrumental) Electronic rock !Found in few IGN previews
United States M.O.P. Ante Up Rap !Music label article: https://web.archive.org/web/20031002125225/http://roynet.com:80/currentevents.cfm
Trailers (only)
United States The Ernies Here & Now Rock !GameCube commercial.

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