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Stuntman (2002)

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Stuntman (PS2 - 2002)
England Nimrod Productions The Good 'ol Toys
England Nimrod Productions Old Whiskey fly-by
England Nimrod Productions Life in the slow lane
England Nimrod Productions 'Horse & Cart' Intro Music
England Sebastian Thomas Blood Oath Composed soundtrack
England Rupert William Gregson Williams Strike Force Composed soundtrack !Conspiracy
England Richard Myhill Spies R Us Composed soundtrack
England Jan Josef Cyrka Speed Rush (with Toby Bricheno) Rock
England Jan Josef Cyrka Hoodoo (with Toby Bricheno) Rock
England Simon Painter Strong (with Ian Clarke) Rock
England Clem Clempson Still Heat ???
Austria Gregor Narholz Stirred not Shaken Composed soundtrack !Live Twice For Tomorrow
Austria Gregor Narholz Thrill Ride Composed soundtrack !Scarab of Lost Souls
Austria Gregor Narholz Killer on the Run Composed soundtrack
England Overseer Velocity Shift Rock !Not mentioned in credits?
England Overseer Basstrap Electronica
Somebody A Whoopin' and a Hollerin'

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