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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
United States Crash Island Howl Rock
Canada USS Laces Out Rock
United States Blue Stahli Rockstar Rock
England Blackmill Spirit of Life Melodic Dubstep !Also in Electro playlist
United States Jet Trash Baby C'Mon Rock
United States Jet Trash What They Want Rock
United States Bangups Va Va Voom Rock !Alaska update
Canada The Birthday Massacre Falling Down Rock
Australia Peking Duk Say My Name (feat. Benjamin Joseph) Rock
United States Brothers & Sisters Here It Comes Rock
Canada Sonic Avenues Burn Like Fire Rock !Alaska update
United States Victorian Halls So Ambitious (GDM Remix) Rock !Uncredited?
United States First Lady Sniffing the Bushes Rock
United States The Warriors The Price of Punishment Rock
United States 7 Days Before No Defence (Noone Remix) Electronica
Canada Rich Aucoin Alive (remix) ???
United States Zayde Wolf Top of The World ??? !Alaska update
Canada Artist of the Year Manhunt ???
United States Mutemath Used To Electronica
United States Odesza Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren) Electronica
United States Autograf Metaphysical (feat. Janelle Knoll) (Anish Sood Remix) Composed soundtrack
Scotland Rustie Cry Flame Electronica
England The Cinematic Orchestra To Build a Home Folk
Germany Richard Wagner Ride of the Valkyries Classical music
Canada Radio Radio Tonight's the Night ???
United States WatchTheDuck Stretch 2-3-4 (feat. Pharrell Williams) Rap
England Virus Syndicate Worker Bees (feat. Buku) Rap
United States GTA What We Tell Dem (feat. Stush) EDM
Finland Bomfunk MC's Freestyler Electronica
Canada Galt MacDermot Coffee Cold (EKA Beats Remix) ???
England Wrongtom Meets Deemas J Jump & Move & Rock Reggae
Canada Pierre Kwenders Mardi Gras (feat. Jacobus) ???
England Alex Banks Bring the Beat Electronica
United States Tom Belton We Going Hard (feat. K-Dub & Fuce Lee) Electronica
United States WDL Monster vs. Angel (feat. Mawe) ???
Italy Benny Benassi Satisfaction Techno
Alaska update
New Zealand Mt Eden Flipmode Electronica
United States Stepdad Treasure Hugs Electronica
United States Austin Basham Running ???
Scotland Saint PHNX King Pop
England Mura Masa Lovesick Rap
Canada July Talk Beck + Call Rock
United States Dirty Heads Red Lights ???
Canada Stephen Walking Hey Electronica
United States Cullen Omori Cinnamon ???
England Ben Gidsjoy Sun Blast Electronica
United States Bret Levick Sky's Fallen (Faster) ???
United States Gramatik Torture Rock
United States Latch Key Kid Yeah Yeah Yeah Rock
United States MAX Mug Shot ???
United States Reverend Horton Heat Chasing Rainbows Rock
United States Wildlife Lightning Tent Rock
Road To The Olympics (DLC)
England Simian Mobile Disco Hypnick Jerk Electronica
England Ital Tek Shinra Electronica
England Kidkanevil Inakunaru (with Phasma) Electronica
England Phaelah Nothing's Wrong Electronica
England Submotion Orchestra Kimono Electronica
Ireland Aphex Twin Film ???
Ireland Aphex Twin CIRKLON3 ???
Ireland Aphex Twin Fingerbib ???
England Plaid Eyen (with Benet Walsh) Electronica
England James Holden Renata Electronica
Australia Electrocado Chained Electronica
Japan Aiobahn & Yunomi Makuramoto Ni Ghost (feat. nicamoq) 枕元にゴースト ???
Japan Hercelot x Tomggg Greengum ???
United States JDFR Journey Electronica
Canada Rich Aucoin Release Electronica
Sweden Ruby Empress Danseuse De Delphes ???
Germany Secret of Elements The Effect of Butterfly Destiny Electronica
Scotland Boards of Canada Reach For The Dead Electronica
England Clark Winter Linn Electronica
England Lone 2 Is 8 Electronica
United States MadHouse Against The Wall (Instrumental)
United States Hot Sugar Mayday Electronica
United States Howard Plastic ???
Italy Clap! Clap! Ode to the Pleiades (No Children Mix)
England Bibio Saint Christopher Electronica
England Plaid Do Matter Electronica
England LFO Moistly Electronica
United States Ava King Break Thru
United States Black Lips Can’t Hold On Rock
United States Davis Touch the Sky Rock
England Example Whiskey Story ???
Scotland Saint PHNX Reload Rock
Italy The Bloody Beetroots Rocksteady Electronica
United States The Hot Damns Watch It Go
Canada The Zolas Molotov Girls ???
United States Vinyl Pinups Gold Rays ???
90's (DLC)
United States The Presidents of the USA Lump Rock
United States Drama King Just to Get Rock
United States Superbeatz Sexy Hi Fi ???
United States The Polyamorous Affair Whoever Controls the Groove Electronica
United States The Polyamorous Affair Fashion
Additional Winter Music
France Zikali Daisetsuzan Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Sapporo Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Hakuba Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Zao Composed soundtrack
Original Game Soundtrack
France Zikali Into the Steep Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Rock on Snow Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Shred Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Drum Surf Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Aravis Pillows Composed soundtrack
France Zikali The Frozen Path Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Drop In Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Back in the 70s Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Frozen Hell Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Tryole Powder Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Ortles Path Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Matterhorn Descent Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Dance with the Ice Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Monte Rosa Path Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Mountain Is Calling Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Aiguilles Vertigo Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Swiss Ice Cream Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Hanging on the Mont-Blanc Composed soundtrack
France Zikali Alps Journey Composed soundtrack

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