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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
PS3/Xbox360/PC (sorted by credits order)
Race/in-game (only)
United States Noah Lifschey Argh Composed soundtrack !In-game 8
United States Noah Lifschey In The Cage Composed soundtrack !In-game 5
England Bryan New Heavy Defense Composed soundtrack !In-game 6
United States Frederic Vitani In Your Eyes Composed soundtrack !In-game 1
United States Frederic Vitani Street Metal Composed soundtrack !In-game 4
United States Frederic Vitani Hell's Patrol Metal !In-game 3
United States Frederic Vitani Monolith Composed soundtrack !In-game 2
Germany Carsten Wegener Speedster (with Timo Hohnholz) Composed soundtrack !In-game 7
Menu (only)
England Shahrooz Raoofi Unlimited Life Composed soundtrack !Storymode 1 and Menu 1
United States Leon Vega Adrenalized Composed soundtrack !Storymode 2 and Menu 2
United States Ben Dotson Filter Float (with Leonard Di Desiderio and Mark Williams) Composed soundtrack!Storymode 3 and Menu 3

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