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Real Racing 3

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
England Adam Drake Race Junkie (with Tom Jenkins) Rock !NASCAR Gameplay Trailer. DAYTONA races.
England EJ Ignition Electronica !Formula E update?
England EJ Clear Blue Sky Electronica !Formula E update?
England EJ Buenos Aires Electronica !Formula E update?
Australia Ryan Kurt Further (Corrupt Remix) ??? !Added in f1 2020 update 8.7
Australia Ryan Kurt Time (RICCI's Real Racing 3 Remix) Electronica !Added in update 8.8
Australia Ryan Kurt Taplein (SIPPY's Real Racing 3 Remix) ???
Australia Ryan Kurt Loading Screen Composed soundtrack
Australia Jamie Andersen Loading Screen (Old) Composed soundtrack
Licensed soundtrack removed with F1 Update in 2021
England Cern Insignificance (feat. Concord Dawn) D&B
Australia Cut Copy Take Me Over (Mylo Remix) Electronica
Australia Joelistics Modern World (Instrumental) Rap
Australia Jonathan Boulet You're A Animal (Instrumental) Indie rock
Australia Midnight Juggernauts Road To Recovery (Instrumental) Alternative dance
Australia Olympic Ayres Lose You (Instrumental) Alternative dance
England Rusko Everyday (Netsky Remix) Dubstep !Announcement Trailer. Intro.
Australia Strange Talk Eskimo Boy (Instrumental) Alternative dance
Australia Triage Tesseract (feat. Chewie) Dubstep
Australia Van She Strangers (Instrumental) Alternative dance
Australia World's End Press Second Day Uptown (Instrumental) Alternative dance
Menu (only) - removed with F1 Update in 2021
Canada HxdB Transpacific (with 3rdeye) Electronica !Garage music
Australia World's End Press Second Day Uptown (Psychemagik Remix) Electronica
Real Racing 3 Original Soundtrack by Ryan Kurt
Australia Ryan Kurt Garage Music Composed soundtrack
Australia Ryan Kurt Menu Music Composed soundtrack
Australia Ryan Kurt Red Green Composed soundtrack
Australia Ryan Kurt Taplein Composed soundtrack
Australia Ryan Kurt Time Composed soundtrack
Australia Ryan Kurt Strike Composed soundtrack
Australia Ryan Kurt Connected Composed soundtrack
Australia Ryan Kurt Further Composed soundtrack
Trailers (only)
Italy The Bloody Beetroots Rocksteady (Gigi Barocco Remix) Dubstep !Launch Trailer
Germany Sascha Dikiciyan Hammer Home (with Cris Velasco) Composed soundtrack !Developer Diary: Real Tracks; Aston Martin Trailer
Netherlands Junkie XL Hornets Nest Composed soundtrack !Developer Diary: Real Tracks
United States The Jetboys Mdmazing Electronic rock !Developer Diary: Real People
Sweden Tobias Marberger Infidel Repel Composed soundtrack !Dubai Update
Canada Trevor Morris Facing Mecca Composed soundtrack !Dubai Update
Netherlands Junkie XL Crash and Dash Composed soundtrack !Prestige Update
Sweden Henrik Tran Prepare Composed soundtrack!Porsche Update
Austria Paul Haslinger Racing Shadows Composed soundtrack !Interview with Porsche Works Drivers Marc Lieb & Romain Dumas
Netherlands Junkie XL Bezel Electronica !Porsche Works Drivers Marc Lieb and Romain Dumas Play Real Racing 3; Open Wheelers Developer Diary. Trailer calling it "Gnarylebone Road"
Canada Trevor Morris Hear Factor Ambient !Porsche Update - History of the 911 Targa
Netherlands Junkie XL Choke Electronic rock !Porsche Update - Porsche Sport Driving School. Trailer calling it "Slip Scream"
Netherlands Junkie XL Bandits at Two O'Clock Composed soundtrack !Ferrari Update
Netherlands Junkie XL Invaded Space Composed soundtrack !Ferrari Secondo Trailer; Supercars Update Teaser; Customization Update Teaser; Open Wheelers Trailer
England Robert Bullough Sleek N Chic (with Nolan Weekes) Composed soundtrack !Hyundai Trailer
Netherlands Junkie XL Dampener Rod Composed soundtrack !Hyundai Veloster #Game4Good Trailer. Trailer calling it "Hot Doggin"
Australia Power Glove Night Force Electronica !Le Mans Trailer
United States Tom Salta Do It Again Rock !Speedrush TV Developer Diary
Australia Annie and Bern Ooby Dooby Pop !Classic Lamborghini Update Out NOW! Trailer
Sweden Christian Lundberg Call to Arms Composed soundtrack !Scuderia Ferrari Update - OUT NOW
United States The Glitch Mob Carry The Sun Electronica !Porsche Cayman GT4 REVEALED
Australia The Vines Get Free Punk Rock !2 Year Anniversary
England Terry Devine-King Competitive Edge Electronica !Nürburgring & Renault & Race Teams & MORE
England Bob Bradley Need For Speed (with Matt Sanchez) Electronica !Nürburgring & Renault & Race Teams Gameplay Trailer
England Bob Bradley Disarm (with Nick McEnally & Josh Weller) Indie rock !Le Mans: Pursuit of Victory Gameplay
England Bob Bradley Here 2 Party (with Matt Sanchez & Steve Dymond) Electronica !Le Mans: Pursuit of Victory Gameplay Trailer
England Tom Boddy Time Bomb Drop 2 Dubstep !Lions of Leipzig Gameplay Trailer
United States Matt Hill Hypertrance Trance !Leipzig Driving Tips with Porsche's David Jahn
England Adam Drake Roadhouse Stomp (with Tom Jenkins) Rock !Federated Auto Parts 400 Gameplay
England Jason Pedder In This World 2 (with Ben Ziapour & Gavin Conder & Jessica Greenfield) Electronica !Firemonkeys Racing Culture
England Darren Leigh Purkiss Interstellar 4 Composed soundtrack !McLaren Gameplay Trailer
United States Chris Blackwell Breakout 10 Rock !Daytona Teaser Trailer
United States Gyom Gotta Go Rock !Daytona Official Update Trailer
England Ian Livingstone William Tell Overload Electronica !Gold Increase Walkthrough

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