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Rallisport Challenge

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
In both games
Australia Foetus Quick Fix Rock
Rallisport Challenge 2002
United States Soundmine Back Up Electronica
United States Soundmine Cold Fission Electronica
England Hardknox Come in Hard Electronica
United States Fear Factory Cyberdyne (Junkie XL Remix) Electronica
United States The Transmographist G-Force Electronica
United States Chuck E. Myers HiT iT! Electronica !Credited as BiG iDEA
United States Balls of Waxx Infrared Electronica !Label is Balls of Waxx.
Australia Frontside L.B.P. Electronica
England Dub Pistols Kill the DJ Electronica
United States Tino Saiki Outta My Way Electronic rock
England AndRoyd Spellbinder Electronica
United States Chuck E. Myers SUiCiDE MaCHiNE Electronica
England AndRoyd Tech-Head Electronica
England AndRoyd RacerX !Promo Video (only)
Rallisport Challenge 2 (2004) - soundtrack is basically instrumental
United States Atlas Plug Get Rolled On Electronic rock
United States Atlas Plug Rule the World Electronic rock
United States Atlas Plug Two Days or Die Electronic rock
United States Celldweller Symbiont (Instrumental) Industrial
United States Crossbreed Breathe Rock
United States Crossbreed Concentrate Metal
United States Grade 8 Headcase Metal
United States Ill Niño If You Still Hate Me Metal
United States Ill Niño Rumba Metal
Germany MDFMK Rabblerouser Industrial
England Pitchshifter 2nd Hand Industrial
England Pitchshifter Please Sir Industrial
England Pitchshifter Wafer Thin Industrial
United States Point One Bionic Sphinx Composed soundtrack !Len Hotrum mentioned
United States Primer 55 G's Metal
United States Primer 55 Loose Metal
United States Anomaly Music The Future Behind Composed soundtrack
United States Anomaly Music On the Verge Composed soundtrack
United States Anomaly Music Built to Last Composed soundtrack
United States Anomaly Music Blinded Composed soundtrack !Opening Video
United States Anomaly Music St Vincent Composed soundtrack !Not credited for some reason?
United States Peter Kerekes Rosie Rock
United States Fletcher Beasley Throwing a Bone Composed soundtrack
United States Fletcher Beasley Trash Talk Composed soundtrack
United States Peter Kerekes Menu Music Composed soundtrack
Sweden Monster and Maskiner She's Goodbad But She Ain't Evil Electronica !Credits

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