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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
EDM (Intense) - added in beta 0.1.6
Atlantic Connection Understand the Youth
Sweden Bossfight Nowise
Kiril Jungle Shadow (feat. MC Wasp and RUCL)
Kritikal Stuck Like Glue (Fenix Remix)
Nik Alevizos A Little Bit Too Much
Nonyx Back to You
Palisade Hills I Want More
Pontea Power (Remix)
Stickybuds 99 (Akov Remix) (feat. Rubi Dan)
The Funk Hunters Part Rockin (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
The Funk Hunters Party Rockin (Sparkee Remix)
EDM (Melody) - added in beta 0.1.6
United States Defunk Over The Moon (feat. Megan Hamilton)
Fabrikate Reach
KH Inrace_Harbout !Added in beta 0.1.2.
Joakim Molitor 4U (feat. Cher Lloyd)
Kaii Dreams Baby Pt. 2 (with Wild Heart)
Khwezi Good 2 Me
Stickybuds Lovin Easy (Kursiva Remix) (feat. Bridgehill and Sasha Vee)
The Bead Dreamers Reach You
The Bad Dreamers Who You Run To
Rap - added in beta 0.1.6
Matthew Cue Freedom
Caino Take it from The Top
JClay I Like You That Way
Kali J Different
Kali J Throw It Back
Canada Manafest Bounce
Nafets Needles
Rhythm Blues - added in beta 0.1.6
Bo Haan Undefined
Isaac James Williams The Right Things (with Julius Gordan)
Madd3e Know me Better (feat. Bluesforthehorn)
Madd3e What Do I Do (feat. Juvenal Maze)
Real Fiction See The Light
Sndtrkk TCP
Tomar and the FCs Move it Like That
Rock - added in beta 0.1.6
Hard Candy Run Away (with Gary and Ericjuu)
Exit4 When I Get There
False Pretence Miss Direction
Grayson Erhard Tell Me No
Hard Candy The Edge of Night (with Gary and Ericjuu)
United States Project 86 Omerta's Songs
G-Fun Rain on Me (with Gary and Ericjuu)
Beta Soundtrack
Somebody Main Menu Composed soundtrack
Somebody Main Menu 2 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Garage Music 1 and Shop Composed soundtrack
Somebody Garage Music 2 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Track Experience Composed soundtrack
Somebody Chicago and Tokyo Composed soundtrack
Somebody Harbor Composed soundtrack
Somebody San Francisco Composed soundtrack
Somebody Baiyun Mountain Composed soundtrack
Somebody Customization Composed soundtrack

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