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MTV Pimp My Ride: Street Racing

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Laschmanstanding Rainy Night Electronica
Laschmanstanding Shoot the Night Owl Electronica
Laschmanstanding My World Electronica
Laschmanstanding Shiny Black Oil Electronica
Laschmanstanding The Cleaner Electronica
Laschmanstanding Out from Underneath Electronica
United States Spank Take a Ride Rap
Hector Lopez Fo Sho !Title Theme
United States Matthew Dumond On My Mark ??? !In-game title: On My Watch
United States Jeffrey Cardoni Pimp My Ride Theme Funk
PS2 (only?)
United States Spank Nowhere To Go Pop
United States The Damn Automatics Other Kind Rock
United States The Damn Automatics Holes Rock
Canada Social Code 10 Seconds To Go Rock
United States The Swayback All Bad News Rock
United States Promises Promises Cry Baby Rock
United States Lennex Swandive Rock
United States Aceyalone On The One Rap
United States Plant Life Don't Go Around Looking For A Broken Heart ???
United States Kidz In The Hall Drivin Down The Block Rap
United States Izza Kizza They're Everywhere Rap

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