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Project Gotham Racing 3

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Alternative rock
United States Less Than Jake Bridge and Tunnel Authority Rock
United States Gratitude Drive Away Rock
United States Louis XIV God Killed the Queen Rock
England Morrissey I Like You Rock
England Bloc Party Helicopter Rock
United States Death Cab for Cutie Photobooth Indie rock
Canada Death From Above 1979 Black History Month Rock
Canada Hot Hot Heat Island of the Honest Man Indie rock
England The Futureheads Trying Not to Think About Time Rock
United States The Kills The Good Ones Rock
United States The Presidents of the USA Poke and Destroy Rock
India Jasbir Jassi Putt Jattaan Daa Bhangra
England Achanak Lak Noo Hala De Bhangra
Scotland Tigerstyle Akh Mastani Bhangra
Dhamaal SF Bol Breaker Bhangra
India Bikram Singh Hauli Hauli Bhangra
England Achanak Maar Sutia Bhangra
Dhamaal SF Frankies Next Move Bhangra
England Karsh Kale One Step Beyond Electronica
India MIDIval PunditZ Bhangra Fever (Heavy Nitro Remix) Bhangra
India MIDIval PunditZ Kesariya Electronica
Scotland Tigerstyle Boliyan Bhangra
Scotland Tigerstyle Maan Doabe Da Bhangra
Germany Johann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major Classical music
Germany Johannes Brahms Poco meno Presto from Symphony No. 4 Classical music
Hungary Franz Liszt Hungarian Attack March Classical music
Germany Ludwig van Beethoven Allegro con brio: Symphony No. 7 in A major Classical music
Austria Wolfgang Mozart Molto allegro: Symphony No. 40 in G minor Classical music
Russia Modest Mussorgsky Night on the Bare Mountain Classical music
Russia Nikolai Korsakov Danse des bouffons Classical music
Russia Pyotr Tchaikovsky The Battle Of Poltava Classical music
Russia Pyotr Tchaikovsky Finale: Allegro con fuoco Classical music
Italy Giuseppe Verdi Requiem - Dies Irae Classical music
Dark Electronica
Faetal Phosphor Sky Electronica
Germany Autoaggression Das Nyquist Theorem Electronica
United States Stromkern Stand Up (extended mix) Electronica
Micronaut Perdition Electronica
France Trash Palace Animal Magic Electronica
United States 30 Hz No Man's Land Electronica
Ireland Aphex Twin Come To Daddy (Pappy Mix) Electronica
Austria Mind.In.A.Box Walking Electronica
United States Mindless Faith Singular Industrial
England Orbital Tunnel Vision Electronica
England Squarepusher Menelec Electronica
England The Chemical Brothers Big Jump Electronica
England New Order Krafty Rock
United States Radio 4 Party Crashers Indie rock
England Alpinestars Carbon Kid Indie rock
United States Atlas Plug The Ace: The Only Electronica
Lunatex Crawl Electronica
Phontaine One More Day Electronic rock
England Audio Bullys Real Life Electronica
Crush Consciousness Electronic rock
United States LCD Soundsystem Tribulations Electronica
England Dirty Vegas A Million Ways Electronica
Switzerland Robert Miles Improvisations Part 2 Electronica
Hard Rock
United States Queens of the Stone Age Little Sister Rock
United States Staind Right Here Rock
Wales Skindred Pressure Rock
United States Unwritten Law Get Up Rock
Canada Thornley Come Again Rock
United States Mastodon Blood and Thunder Metal
United States Crazy Anglos Fade Rapcore
United States Dark New Day Brother Metal
United States Head Automatica Beating Heart Baby Rock
United States Secret Machines Better Bring Your Friends Rock
United States The Used I Caught Fire Rock
The Numbs The Art Rap
Wordsmith Nomad (Caruana Remix) Rap
England Hexstatic Distorted Minds Rap
England Stylee Cee One Under the Sun Rap
Lordikim Don't Sleep Rap
England C-Mone Stan Bac Rap
United States Kool Keith G.A.M.E. Rap
United States Ammoncontact My People Rap
Chops Git That Muther Rap
England Def Tex What the? Rap
England DPF Yadda Yadda Rap
England Pest Dr Umz Rap
England The Streets Could Well Be In Rap
Sweden Covenant 20Hz Industrial
United States Deadstar Assembly Undone Industrial
United States Firewerk Without a Sound Industrial
United States Flesh Field Haven Industrial
England DeathBoy Black Morning Rock
Austria Mind.In.A.Box Lost Alone Electronica
Goteki Shinjuku Lullaby Industrial
Psychophile All in the Mind Electronica
Canada Skinny Puppy Past Present Industrial
United States Celldweller Switchback Industrial
Spain Freak XXI Zero Industrial
United States Static X Start a War Metal
Japanese pop
Japan 2Backka Sky Rap
Japan Daichi Miura No Limit Rock
Japan DALLAX Bring Down Your Hope Ska
Japan DALLAX Twenty Junk Rock Ska
Japan IngaLand IngaLand is Dead Rap
Japan IngaLand Rotten Works Rap
Japan NORA Seaside Walk Pop
Japan NORA Zig Zing Rap
Japan The Local Art Klaxon Rock
Japan The Local Art No Reason Rock
Somebody Java OST MIDI

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