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Project Gotham Racing 2

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Sorted as appear in credits
United States Princess Superstar Meet You Halfway Rap
United States Trapt Still Frame Metal
United States The Used Bulimic Rock
United States The Used Maybe Memories Rock
United States Earshot Ordinary Girl Rock
United States Glassjaw Cosmopolitan Bloodloss Rock
United States Glassjaw Radio Cambodia Rock
United States The Flaming Lips Fight Test Rock
United States Mellowdrone Beautiful Day Indie rock
Japan Kazuo Yoda sabotage R&B
Japan moopie Kagoshima Pop !Real artist name: Shinkawa Naritaka
Japan Vorga Be be! Electronica !Real name unknown.
Japan As Brothers Soshite Bokuwa Pop
Japan E.T. Silvereye (with Chips) Pop
Japan Real-Rabbit-Fur Butterfly Pop !See artist info on DiscoGS
Japan June Don't go away Rock !Credits mention YAMAZAKI music publisher so Japanese
Japan Mychronicle LaLaLuLa Pop !In credits name "Raybow" is mentioned and SoundCloud account has some tracks of this band so I assume its Japanese
Japan MIRAI Yume No Kanata E Pop !Real artist name: Takashi Morio.
Japan Segal Interior small noses Rock !Real name: Ryosuke Coita
Japan Chiisai Lapis UZU Electronica !Real artist: Naoki Namiki.
Japan Unscandal 1.2.3! Ska
Japan Propeller Kosoku no koi Rock !Found Japanes release of album "I Love Me" so probably Japanese.
Japan Image Dive Rock !According to info at vk.gy this is Japanese band.
Japan Image Orange Rock
Japan Image Breaker Rock
Japan Metronome Mendokusai Rock
Japan OMB vs I.B.I.S. Unbalance Crow Electronica !In credits Daisuke Yamagishi is mentioned
Japan Buzz Session X-ATTACK Funk !Credits mention Katsuyuki Takakuwa
Japan Nora Puff Puff Monde All Up Funk !See entry on DiscoGS
Japan Doberman Inc DJNC Second Mission Rap
Japan Norisiam X D-ST.GOTHAM Pt. 1 Rap !File name is 1Doberman. Credits are not helpful here.
Japan MAB D-ST.GOTHAM Pt. 2 (feat. SPYDER & TMG) Rap !Credited as 3Doberman. Definitely Japanese
Japan West Head D-ST.GOTHAM Pt. 3 (with 4WD) Rap !Credited as 4Doberman.
United States Poverty For My People Rap !Credited are Tyler Coombs and Thomas Abate
United States No Good Call of the Streets (feat. Southern Mafia) Rap !Tracy Latimer and Derrick Hill are credited. Country based on some news
United States Smilez and Southstar Crash The Party Rap !Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States Smilez and Southstar It's On Rap
United States Smilez and Southstar What Can You Do? Rap
England Gordons Alive Wake Up Rock !Audioantics is mentioned and Chris Chudley.
England Pipsqueek Open Your Eyes Pop !Audioantics again mentioned so English
United States DJ Flexx Here We Go (with Jas Funk) Rap
United States DJ Flexx Our Thang (with Sean Nicholas) Rap
United States Soulja Man Fast Lane Rap !Keith Clagon and Sean Augustine mentioned in credits
England Infinite Livez No More Bananas Rap !MC Steven Henry mentioned: see DiscoGS
England Lotek Hi-Fi Fire Electronica
United States Visqueen My House Rock
France Rubin Steiner Nylon Electronica
United States Damone Feel Bad Vibe Rock !Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States Damone Frustrated Unnoticed Rock
Netherlands DJ Jeff Change The Scratch Rap
United States Pris Theet The Moth Rock
United States Accidental Superhero 14 Miles Rock
United States Accidental Superhero Hold On Rock
United States Accidental Superhero Miss You Like Crazy Rock
United States Accidental Superhero Hurt Me Badly Rock !Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States E-Dot DJ Static Presents Racin (with L.I.F.E. Long & Poison Pen) Rap
United States Big Will Recognize Rap !DJ Spade 1 mentioned in credits
Scotland Aereogramme Indiscretion #243 Rock
United States Automaton Zoom Rock !Chris Duryee mentioned in credits
Germany Stendal Blast Wo fuhrt das hin? Industrial
United States The Epoxies Synthesized Rock
Italy Romina Arena Satellite Rock !Italian Version was used
United States Severna Park Humid Rock
United States Severna Park New Year Rock
Sweden Johan Emmoth Electro Janaker Electronica
United States The Turn-ons So D*** Queen Rock
United States Acumen Nation Just a Bastard (Acucrack Remix) Industrial !Xbox Trailer
United States Acumen Nation Monster Zero vs. Mothra (Dean Garcia Remix) Industrial
United States Acumen Nation Semester of Hate (Unreleased Exclusive) Industrial
United States DJ? Acucrack Crash Addict (Unreleased Exclusive) Electronica !Real name is Jason Novak. Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States DJ? Acucrack Metrolux D&B
United States DJ? Acucrack Renegade DJ Electronica !Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States Iron Lung Corp Metal (Remix) Industrial
United States Jasper da Fatso Oh Yes Rap !Real name is Jasper Cameron
United States Terell Havin' You 'Round Soul !Real name is Terell Carr
United States The Cripples Down Again Rock
United States The Malinks Wave Away Rock !Real name is Chris Lorraine
Spain Alek Stark 24h. Sin Nikki Electronica
Spain Alek Stark Lights & Sex Electronica
United States Allister Scratch Rock
United States Allister Flypaper Rock
France Joel This Way Latin !Gwadelupa
France Joel Won't Take No Dance
England The Latin Project Sonhando Latin !Jez Colin and Matt Cooper mentioned in credits
France Saïan Supa Crew A Co' Mow (Hamisow Boh) Rap
Spain Amaral Que sera? Rock
United States Sicko A Song About A Rabbit Rock
United States Sicko Mike TV Rock
United States Sicko Window Of Opportunity Rock
United States Tales From the Birdbath Just An Average Day Indie rock !Real name is Ean Hernandez
United States Tales From the Birdbath Scooter Boy Rock
China Wang Lei and Beng Home Electronica
China Wang Lei and Beng Start Electronica
China Sick Pupa Let Me Go Metal !See DiscoGS. Official release title is "Release Me"
China Happy Avenue Oh be good Rock !Wu Hong Fei mentioned in credits
Australia Sonic Animation Super Showbiz Star Electronic rock
Australia Motor Ace Death Defy Rock
Australia The Androids Automatic Rock
Australia Pound System Get Amongst It Electronica
United States Recover Betting All I Have Rock
United States Recover Pardon The Wait Rock
United States The Pietasters Told You The First Time Ska
England GPA Velvet Voodoo (Dean Mushins Akademic Dub) Electronica
England Majestic 12 Searchin' (Mantese Vocal Club Mix) Electronica
Canada Bif Naked Regular Guy Rock
Canada Bif Naked Tango Shoes Rock
United States Digger Tattoo Broken Hearts Rock !Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States Mustard Plug Away From Here Ska
United States Stairwell Perfect Weather Rock !Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States The Senate Arcade On The Floor Rock
United States Erick Sermon Here I Iz Rap
United States Tyrese She Let's Me Be a Man R&B
United States Princess Superstar We Got Panache Rap
Canada Paper Lions City Limits Indie rock
Canada Paper Lions My Hive Indie rock
United States The Agenda! Crash! Crash! Rock
United States Haystak In Here Rap
United States Gangsta Blac Gitty Up 'Bout Ya Hog Rap
United States Woodie Legit Slangz Rap
United States Gangsta Blac Run Up On It Rap
United States Baboon Alright Rock !Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States Chao Gotta Go Indie rock !Regina Chellew mentioned in credits
United States Authority Zero A Passage In Time Rock
Spain Radio Raheem Ya Ilego Rock
Spain The Gurus Tormenta Rock !Emil Ramirez and Sergio Bartel mentioned in credits
United States Course of Nature Better Part of Me Rock
United States Franky Perez Cecilia Country
United States Hot Action Cop Don't Want Her To Stay Rock
England Porcupine Tree Strip The Soul Rock
United States Reach 454 6 Years Metal
Canada Simple Plan When I'm With You Rock
Canada Simple Plan You Don't Mean Anything Rock
United States Spy 31 Seconds Electronica
United States Toby Lightman Devils and Angels Pop
United States Tony C. and The Truth Someday Rock !Kyle Kelso mentioned in credits
United States Uncle Kracker Keep it Comin' Rap
Australia Another Race Jumpin Rapcore
Australia On Inc. Size Does Matter Rock
United States Lila Just One Push Rock !See lilasite.com at web.archive
United States Engine Down Pantomime Rock
United States Rah Bras Bababoon Electronica
Taiwan DJ Ty Assassin VIP D&B !Yu-Tai Chiu mentioned so probably China
Taiwan Kessier Hsu Source Of Troubles For Young Beauties Rock !Credits named it as Shu Shir Hwang
Taiwan DJ Ty Date 23 D&B
Sweden Garmarna Gamen Electronica
Sweden My Orchard Too Cool for School Rock
Sweden Kretsen Absolut fri Rock
Sweden My Orchard Alone to decide Rock
Sweden Vada Vad som helst Industrial !According to Massproduktion website they are Swedish
Sweden The Inspectors You're bound to be a wreck Rock
Sweden Eldkvarn Alla fragar efter Alice Indie rock
Sweden Staffan Hellstrand Sally vill vara jag Indie rock
Sweden Clawfinger Confrontation Rapcore
Sweden Clawfinger Two Steps Away Rapcore
Australia Rocket Science Being Followed Electronica
United States Mountain Con Future Burn Out Rock
United States The 100th Monkey Lost City Rap !According to some reviews they were from Seattle
England DJ Food Dark Lady Chillout
Russia DJ Vadim From Russia with Love Rap
Russia DJ Vadim Ponmelo Duro Rap
England London Funk Allstars Way Out Electronica
England The Herbaliser Time 2 Build Rap
England The Herbaliser Who's Really The Realest? Rap
United States Maktub You Can't Hide R&B
United States Average Madness Bliss Of The Melody Trance
United States Cloud Factory Diversity of Noise Electronica !Keith Kemper mentioned in credits
United States Country Time Synergy Beyond The Sun Electronica !Keith Kemper mentioned
United States D.J. Perpetrator Don't Look Back (feat. Enhanced Mentality) Electronica !Keith Kemper credited
United States Intellectual Ancestors Focus on Center Electronica !Keith Kemper
United States Laughing Love Celestial Celebration Trance !Keith Kemper
United States My Sister's Explaination High Velocity Electronica !Keith Kemper
United States No Small Event Speed Dance Electronica !Keith Kemper
United States Ovary Explosion For Kicks Electronica !Keith Kemper
United States Private Callers Drive Now! Electronic rock !Keith Kemper
United States The Definition Of Youth Run For Your Life Electronica !Keith Kemper
United States X COMES NOW No Return Electronica !Keith Kemper
Italy Miele Conto su di te Rock
Italy Miele Doopia Personalita Rap
United States The Dubnicks Please Don't Rock
United States The Dubnicks Note to Self Rock
United States The Blam Brooklyn On My Mind Rock !Jerry Adler credited. Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
Norway Flunk Kebab Shop 3 AM Electronica
United States Kicked In The Head All The Way Rock
United States Crash and Burn Graveyard Shift Rock !According to Interpunk website they are from Boston
Russia Nochyne Snaipery 31 Vesna Rock
Russia Po Glazam H20 Rock
Russia Palata-Lux Dura (Fool Girl) Rock !First Music Publishin so probably Russian
Russia Tantsy Minus Gorod Indie rock
Russia Tantsy Minus Tsvetut tsvety Indie rock
Russia Chicherina Tu-Lu-La Rock
Russia Chicherina Zhara (Heat) Rock
Russia Multifilmy Capitany Rock !First Music Publishing credited
United States Sir Mix-A-Lot 2 Horse Rap
United States Sir Mix-A-Lot Big Screen Rap
United States Outtasite High Powered Rapcore
England Caretaker Routine Rock
England Caretaker Safe As Houses Rock
United States The Girls She’s Hysterical Rock
United States The Girls Nobody Rock
United States Death On Wednesday If You Want Rock
England Mad Doctor X U Wack MC Rap
England Def Tex Into the Future Rap
United States Bleu I Won't Go To Hollywood Rock
England Grandadbob Mmmnn Electronica
England Grandadbob This is it Dance
United States Dirt Bike Annie Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Rock
United States Dirt Bike Annie Do Whatcha Want Rock
Italy Kaostributo Chimica Invisible Rock !Found FB page that mentions Firenze city
Italy Kaostributo Liquido Statico Rock
Italy Dennis and the Jets Mi Piaci Rock
Germany Battlekid Disco War Electronica !Swamp Records was a German company
Germany Roots Missile Do what you like Electronica !Website is mentioned in credits and it shows German
Germany Schalk and Koljeticut Schalkzeit Rap
Germany Unheilig Maschine Industrial
United States Noise Ratchet Fiction Arms Rock
United States Rufio Just A Memory Rock
United States Veronica Rock City Falls Rock
United States Veronica This Only Constant Thing Rock
United States Noise Ratchet Away From You Rock
United States Hotbox Take You On Rock !Mel Chappell mentioned in credits. See LastFM
United States The Black Heart Procession Did You Wonder Rock
United States Under No Influence but Time Rewind This Rap !Jeff Maloney and Matt Drayton credited
United States ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead Days Of Being Wild Rock
United States ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead Homage Rock
United States Sev All Right By Me Rock
United States Trust Company Deeper Into You Rock
United States Trust Company Figure 8 Metal
United States Dragpipe Glyde Burroughs Metal
United States Dragpipe Quest In Time Metal
United States American Hi-Fi Beautiful Disaster Rock
United States American Hi-Fi Break Up Song Rock
United States Autopilot Off Indebted Rock
United States Autopilot Off Long Way To Fall Rock
United States Flaw Payback Metal
United States Ra Rectifier Rock
United States Freddy Fresh Grape Krush Electronica
Taiwan Jeannie Yo Yo Sisters Techno !Neo Eng Sheng mentioned so probably Chinese
United States Young Blaze Fast Lane Rap
United States Erica Fox Move Something Soul !Donald XL Robertson mentioned in credits
United States Young Blaze Pedal To The Medal Rap
United States Snoo We're Through Rap !Katie Marino mentioned in credits
United States Young Blaze What You Want Rap
France Driver D.R.I.V.E.R. Rap !Nicolas Malbranche credited
France Eiffel Ne Respire Pas Rock
France Eiffel Sombre Rock
France Saïan Supa Crew Ils Etaient Une Fois Rap
France Saïan Supa Crew X Rraisons Rap
United States Aesop Rock Dead Pan Rap
United States Mr. Lif Sneak Preview (with Murs) Rap
United States Woodie Northern California Rap
England Mad Doctor X Deejays & Emcees Rap
Japan Asuka Brand New Aria Pop !Not credited but in credits
Referenced in unused radio DJ lines (found by SuperType1)
United States Pris Doobie Down Down Rock !Also on Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
United States Cadillac Blindside Wielders Of The Poison Pen Rock
United States Naam Brigade Fo Sjheezy
United States Naam Brigade Early In The Game Rap
United States The Methadones Antidote Rock
United States Whippersnapper Against Us All Rock
United States No Good Giggalo Jiggle It Rap
France Funky Serenity Noyade ???
Germany Unsterbler Dance Tracks #13
Germany Unsterbler Dance Tracks #4

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