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Project Gotham Racing

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Japan Akiki Kabashima Hoshikuzu No Night Table Rock
United States Alien Crime Syndicate What I Said Rock
United States Bathgate Bump That Rap
United States Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Whatever Happened to My Rock & Roll Rock
United States Chevelle Mia Metal
Japan Color Variation Space Chappie Rock
United States David Lee Roth Look at All the People Here Tonight Industrial
United States DLR Band Slam Dunk Rock
England Doves Catch the Sun Rock
United States Eve 6 Enemy Rock
Japan Fujin Crime Rock
United States Gearwhore Passion (Harley Mix) Electronica
United States Good Charlotte I Heard You Pop punk
United States Good Charlotte Little Things Pop punk
England Gorillaz 19/2000 Rap
United States Groovenics Teach Me Metal
United States Handsome Devil I Fall Down Rock
Japan Hash Ball Deep Shot Rock
United States Heather Duby Amygdale Electronica
United States Iggy Pop Beat Em Up Rock
United States Injected Burn It Black Rock
Japan Inner Café Split C-J D&B
United States Junior Sanchez Slave Beat Electronica
Canada Kittie Jonny Metal
Canada Kittie Spit Metal
Japan Kuo Hirota D x Drive Electronica
United States L.A. Guns Scream Rock
United States LA Symphony Broken Tape Decks Rap
United States LA Symphony Call it What You Want Rap
Scotland Looper Mondo '77 Electronica
Scotland Looper My Robot Electronica
United States Love as Laughter Stay Out of Jail Rock
United States Love as Laughter Temptation Island Rock
United States Love Seed Mama Jump Superstar Rock
United States Moth I See Sound Rock
United States Murder City Devils Idle Hands Rock
United States Murder City Devils That's What You Get Rock
United States Nebula Come Down Rock
England Photek Junk Electronica
United States Pigeon John Identity Crisis Rap
United States Polecat Tastes Like Burning Rock
United States Polecat Workhorse Rock
United States PYT Same Ol' Same Ol' (Hip-Hop Mix) Pop
United States Q-Burns You are my Battlestar Electronica
Japan Saeko Kai Nekosogi Hosii Rap
United States Saliva Click Click Boom Metal
United States Scapegoat Wax Aisle 10 Rap
United States Shuvel Set it Off Rapcore
United States Sir Mix-A-Lot Resonate Rap
United States Skrape What You Say Metal
Japan Smile Street Koi Wa (feat. Mica) Pop
United States Souljahz Souljahz Don't Stop Rap
United States Souljahz Throw Yo Hands Up Rap
England Spacehog Earthquake Rock
England Stereo MCs Deep Down & Dirty Electronica
United States Switched Inside Metal
Japan Syuusei Murai Cruising Chillout
Canada The Black Halos Some Things Never Fall Rock
England The Chemical Brothers Galaxy Bounce Electronica
United States The Makers Looking for a Super Girl Rock
England The Yo-Yo's Time of Your Life Rock
United States Timbaland Roll Out (with Magoo) Rap
England Trembling Blue Stars To Leave It Now Rock
United States Zen Guerrilla Barbed Wire Rock
Somebody Java Mobile Composed soundtrack

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