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Need For Speed Payback

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
During free roam (only)
England Barns Courtney Kicks Rock !Before driving to airport (cutscene)
England Chase and Status This Moment (with Blossoms) Electronica
England Gorillaz Ascension (feat. Vince Staples) Grime
United States SUR Lean Back Rock !Tyler is requested to deliver Marcus' DB11. Enter the Speedcross (trailer).
England The Amazons In My Mind Rock
United States X Ambassadors The Devil You Know Indie rock !BMW M5 Gamescom 2017 trailer. Travel to the city (cutscene)
England Skepta & Goldie Road Trip Rap !Escorting Jimmy to a hospital.
England Formation Buy and Sell Rock
United States Local Natives Dark Days (Sofi Tukker Remix) Electronica
During free roam & drift events
England Kano 3 Wheel-Ups (feat. Wiley and Giggs) Grime !Instrumental in drag events.
United States SHREDDERS Flipping Cars Rap !Starting line with Marcus Weir's Regera. Weir's introduction.
United States Run the Jewels Panther like a Panther (Miracle Mix) (feat. Trina) Rap
United States Action Bronson The Choreographer Rap
England Stormzy Return of the Rucksack Grime
United States DJ Shadow Systematic (feat. Nas) Rap
United States Ohana Bam Rebels Rap !Gamescom 2017 trailer.
England Lethal Bizzle I Win (feat. Skepta) Grime !Drift School with Lethal Bizzle.
United States A$AP Ferg Trap and a Dream (feat. Meek Mill) Trap
England Flowdan Original Ragamuffin (feat. Wiley) Grime
During free roam & races
England Royal Blood Lights Out Rock !Revenge mission; win the fixed race
United States Mondo Cozmo 11 Acre Rock !Instrumental in drag events.
United States Warbly Jets Fast Change Rock
England Bite The Buffalo Enemies Rock !Gamescom 2017 gameplay - BMW M5 race.
England Rat Boy Boiling Point Rock
United States Queens of the Stone Age The Way You Used To Do Rock !Tyler asks the crew to race to the airfield after taking down The House. Credits. Instrumental in drag events.
United States Goodbye June Liberty Mother Rock
United States Ho99o9 City Rejects Rock !Instrumental in drag events.
England Nothing but Thieves I Was Just A Kid Rock
Ireland Otherkin Bad Advice Rock !VS Rav after picking your first race class car.
United States Tom Morello Roadrunner (feat. Leikeli47) Rapcore
England Ten Tonnes Silver Heat Rock
United States Jaden Smith Watch Me Rap !Welcome to Fortune Valley. Credits.
During free roam & customization in garage
England Bonobo Kerala Electronica !Appears in E3 build
United States Watt Burning Man (feat. Post Malone) Rock !When The Curator's speaking on the radio (instrumental).
United States P.O.S Gravedigger Trap !Tyles gets back home after delivering DB11.
England Jacob Banks Unholy War Soul !Reveal Trailer. Credits.
United States K.Flay Black Wave Rap
United States Spoon Pink Up Indie rock
United States Duckwrth MICHUUL. Rap
United States Rae Sremmurd Perplexing Pegasus Trap
England Syd Arthur Evolution Indie rock
Scotland Tom Walker Play Dead (Avelino x Raf Riley Remix) Rap
England SOHN Hard Liquor Electronica
During cutscenes (only)
Canada MDK Super Ultra Future Bass !Drift in a BRZ with HashTiger the first time. Mentioned in credits; forgotten by EA social-media ninjas.
Italy Salmo Daytona Trap !Italy only
Netherlands Lil Kleine Kleine Jongen Trap !News found at Netherlands only.
Germany Kontra K Power Rap !Germany only.
Brazil Haikaiss Raplord (feat. Jonas Bento) Rap !Brazil only.
Drag (instrumentals)
Added in Speedcross (DLC)
Italy Bloody Beetroots Drive (feat. Deap Vally) Electronic rock
Canada Death from Above 1979 Nomad Rock
Australia DZ Deathrays Shred For Summer Rock
United States Micah Wilshire Say Yeah Rock
Original Score by Joseph Trapanese
United States Joseph Trapanese Assemble the Crew Composed soundtrack !Plays after finishing a race and in the multiple cutscenes throughout the game (such as the initial cutscene of "Double or Nothing" and "The Outlaw's Rush")
United States Joseph Trapanese Get the Truck Composed soundtrack !Race with Marcus' Regera
United States Joseph Trapanese Night Ride Composed soundtrack !Second and fourth sequences of "Double or Nothing" - both after stealing the Mercedes G63 and while driving the Mac Attack #2
United States Joseph Trapanese Demolishing the Competition Composed soundtrack
United States Joseph Trapanese The House Always Wins Composed soundtrack !After Tyler win the fixed race with the provided BMW M5. Plays at the final sequence of the prologue with him drawing the cops away from Mac and Rav using his Skyline
United States Joseph Trapanese Let's Get Some Revenge Composed soundtrack !Third sequence of "Double or Nothing"; after stealing the Lamborghini Aventador
United States Joseph Trapanese Blockbuster Rundown Composed soundtrack !First sequence of "Double or Nothing" (stealing two gold-plated cars); driving to the Carnevale Casino to get the G63
United States Joseph Trapanese Blast Off Composed soundtrack
United States Joseph Trapanese The Gamble Composed soundtrack !Plays during every game launch. Marcus Weir asking Tyler his Regera. Lina threatens Weir about his casino sellout after Tyler arrives at his casino. Credits.
United States Joseph Trapanese The Ambush Composed soundtrack
United States Joseph Trapanese One More Escape Composed soundtrack !Always plays in every Escape Point event in a Runner car
Unknown Artist Lamborghini Heist Score Composed soundtrack
Trailers (only)
Iceland Kaleo No Good Rock !Official Customization Trailer
United States Welshly Arms Love In A Minor Key Rock !The all-new BMW M5 (2017) in Need for Speed Payback (trailer on BMW YT channel)
United States Gizzle Unstoppable Trap !Official Story Trailer
United States Gizzle Get Loud For Me Rapcore !Official Launch Trailer
United States WAR*HALL All This Power Alternative !House always wins (Trailer from NFS fanpage)
England Clement Marfo Breath Of Fresh Air Rap !Mac-attack (trailer from NFS official fanpage)
Bob Bradley & David Robert Thomas I'm On My Way Composed soundtrack!This is Need for Speed Payback
Deleted from final version or never appeared in the game.
United States Run The Jewels Hey Kids (feat. Danny Brown) Trap !Appears on Spotify playlist; missing on soundtrack list
United States Joseph Trapanese Pursuit Extended Composed soundtrack

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