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OutRun (arcade games)

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Out Run (1986)
Japan Hiro Full OST Composed soundtrack
Japan Hiro Magical Sound Shower Composed soundtrack
Japan Hiro Passing Breeze Composed soundtrack
Japan Hiro Splash Wave Composed soundtrack
Japan Hiro Last Wave Composed soundtrack
Turbo Outrun (1989)
Somebody Vivacious Composed soundtrack
Somebody Shake the Street Composed soundtrack
Somebody A Huge Pile of Parts Composed soundtrack
Somebody Rush a Difficulty Composed soundtrack
Somebody Who Are You Composed soundtrack
Somebody Keep Your Heart Composed soundtrack
Somebody Checker Flag Composed soundtrack
Somebody Easy Going Composed soundtrack
OutRunners (1992)
Japan Naofumi Hataya Full OST Composed soundtrack
Somebody Mega Driver
Somebody Pre Stage
Somebody Checker Point
Somebody Game Start
Somebody Magical Sound Shower (1993)
Somebody Passing Breeze (1993)
Somebody Splash Wave (1993)
Somebody Picture the Rivers
Somebody Blow Your Cool
Somebody Looking for the Rainbow
Somebody Speed King
Somebody Adventure
Somebody Sonic Control
Somebody Check Point
Somebody Grand Canyon
Somebody San Francisco
Somebody South America
Somebody Niagara Falls
Somebody Hawaii
Somebody Pacific Ocean Crossway Bridge
Somebody Spain
Somebody Atlantic Ocean Underwater Tunnel
Somebody Switzerland
Somebody China
Somebody Japan
Somebody Hong Kong
Somebody Egypt
Somebody Mediterranean Sea
Somebody France
Somebody Germany
Somebody Jingle Bells (Secret Track)
Somebody Final Stage
Somebody Dream Flying
Somebody Meaning of the Light - Game Over
Somebody Last Wave (1993)
3D Out Run
Somebody Cruising Line
Somebody Camino a Mi Amor
OutRun 2 (2003)

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