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MotoGP 10/11

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
United States Subkulture Erasus (feat. Celdweller) Industrial
England The Qemists Hurt Less D&B
England The Qemists Dirty Words Electronic rock
To investigate:
France Jean-Michel Marcel Vallet 2012 (with After In Paris & Claire Dominique Guillot & Patrick Jean Merie Chartol) Industrial
England Ben James Parsons Ah ha ha Electronica<
Subject Matter Global Spin D&B
United States Damian Frazer Paul Russell Chasm Electronica
England Mike Sampey Cheeky Chunks (with Mark Charles O'Grady) Electronica
Italy Alberto Bof Chemical Uncle (with Luca Tudisco) Electronica
Sylvette Backler Chuchu Rock
England Gary Leslie Scargill Danger (with Peter Nicholas Oldroyd) Electronic rock
England Stephen Murrell Dar & Nasty D&B
Scott Donaldson Diabolical Liberty Rock
France Rach Aminus Dirtbag Electronica
England Shimon Alcoby Dirty D&B
England Robert Tubb Electro Flash Electronica
Steven Everitt Exobeat Electronica
England Ben Pettit Eyelash D&B
England Jan Cyrka Fire Fight Electronic rock
England Charlie Casey Freak of Nature Electronica
Sylvette Backler Gaku Ambient
Curtis Schwartz Get Down Electronica
Marky Supreme Gotta Keep On D&B
James Tiago Gutter Hype Electronica
England Shahrooz Raoofi Klusterfunk Electronica
England Gary Scargill Lucky 7 Electronica
Johnny Pearson Mash Up in Memphis D&B
Richard Brown Meltdown Electronica
England Gary Scargill Narcotic D&B
England Stephen Murrell Night Chemistry D&B
Charly T NRG Electronica
United States Gary Robinson Pistol Punch Electronica
Bonesaw Pit Bull Electronica
Marabiss Psycho Electronica
England Jan Cyrka Psych Out Electronic rock
Blak Majik Reactor D&B
England Jason Cambridge Revolver D&B
United States Robert Edwards Secret Circuits Electronica
Christopher Bishop Skincrawler Electronica
Christopher Bishop Skirmish Struggle Electronica
Mac Prindy Speedfreaks Ahead Electronica
Alexander Claude Henon Speed Racer Ambient
Bonesaw Stained Electronica
England Gary Scargill Static Electronica
England Jan Cyrka Strobe Electronica
Ted Heinz Technology Jam Electronica
England Max Ringham The Blackout D&B
Bonesaw The Devil Inside Industrial
Johnny Bernstein The Razor Electronica
Steven Everitt This Way Up Electronic rock
England Gary Scargill Timewarp Electronica
Artificial Intelligence Widescreen D&B

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