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MotoGP '08 (Capcom)

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
PS2/PS3/Xbox360/PC/Wii (listed as in credits)
Finland Disco Ensemble Black Euro Rock !Intro. Game12 in XWB file.
England Groove Allegiance Get Funky Electronica !Menu. YouTube identified as "Unconventional" by Pacifica Music.
Sweden LeGrand Dance Dance Dance (Pigmix) Rock !Game1 in XWB file.
England Vandal Obey (DJ Quest Remix) Electronica !Credits
England Born Tricky and Mr. Frisk Let Me Out (Hyper Remix) Electronica !Game2 in XWB file.
Sweden Cosmic Ballroom Psycho Rock !Won championship. Game3 in XWB file.
England Adam Form Hotspot D&B !Game11 in XWB file.
England James Nutt Catching Flames Electronica !Track intro theme in championship races
England Bryan New Nova Electronica !CarEnd.wmv. YouTube identified as "Grime Crime".
United States The Kolab Get on the Beat Electronic rock !Game5 in XWB file.
England Ride Final Destination D&B !Game10 in XWB file.
United States Mark Liggett Another Breakdown Rock !Game9 in XWB file. Plays when getting different than 1st place in championship
United States The Symptoms Crosses Rock !Game6 in XWB file.
United States The Symptoms In the Door Through the Vein Rock !Game4 in XWB file.
United States The Symptoms The Morning After You Rock !Game8 in XWB file.
United States The Symptoms Chrome Rock !Game7 in XWB file.
Romania Hithut Recordings Java ME OST MIDI

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