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MotoGP '07 (Capcom)

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
PS2 (listed as in credits)
Norway Peer Taraldsen Chromic Electronica !Menu
England Subsource This Town (Lost In London Mix) Electronica
Sweden LeGrand Dance Dance Dance (Pigmix) Rock
England Swain and Paris Come As One (Vandal Remix) Electronica
United States Darren Wilsey Fade Out Composed soundtrack !YouTube identifies it as "Disappear" by "Wild Diesel".
England Vandal Obey (DJ Quest Remix) Electronica
United States Josh Crocker Fistful of Blood Composed soundtrack !YouTube identifies it as "Knock You Out" by Pacifica Music.
England Born Tricky and Mr. Frisk Let Me Out (Hyper Remix) Electronica
Sweden Mon Roe Get Away (pigmix) Indie rock
England Ben Preston The Gap Composed soundtrack
Sweden Cosmic Ballroom Psycho Rock
England Adam Form Hotspot Composed soundtrack
United States Jane Fontana Sleeper (Instrumental) Composed soundtrack !YouTube identifies it as "War Path"
United States Stuart Churchill Dark Delay (feat. Jessica Grande) Composed soundtrack !Credits
United States Josh Crocker Son of Cain Composed soundtrack !YouTube identifies as "Uncle Abel" by Pacifica Music.
United States Sink To See Speakers Rock
Scotland Titus Gein Liquid Perssuasion Rock
Finland Disco Ensemble Black Euro Rock

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