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MotoGP '06 (THQ)

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Somebody Frontend Composed soundtrack
Scotland Titus Gein Insurrection of the Electric Ghosts Rock
England Tony Thomas Spider (Kickflip Remix) Electronica
Somebody Track 3 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Track 4 Composed soundtrack
Australia Midnight Juggernauts Raised by Wolves Electronica
England Subsource Do You Drive Stick? Electronica
Chad Jackson Scum Dogs Electronica
Somebody Track 8 Composed soundtrack
Ipanema Je Suis Un Baseball Bat Rock
Prince Quick Mix My Parts Fall Out Electronica
The Red Devil Incident Rotten Rock
Somebody Track 12 Electronica
Somebody Track 13 Composed soundtrack
England Karn8 Past Caring Rock
England Catch 2 Thinker Electronica
Somebody Track 16 Composed soundtrack
Scotland Titus Gein Raw Teeth Rock
Somebody Credits Composed soundtrack

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