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Monster Energy Supercross 6

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Found in game Music.txt file in WwiseAudio folder with order taken from this file
England Guy Copeland Black Core Ambient
Sweden Coma Svensson Bright Red Lights Rock
Sweden Conditional Make You Cry Rock
Sweden Coma Svensson Ringing in My Head Rock
Sweden Bonkers Beat Club FC Naivete Rock
England Will Harrison Slide Down Rock
England Sonic Spark Alright Come On Rock
Sweden Conditional Glitter Gutter Rock
Sweden Tellsonic Liberty Spikes Rock
Sweden Wildson Walk Straight Pop
Sweden Wellmess Ney Ney Ney Rock
Sweden Parellite Nothing but Mine Rock
Sweden Sven Karlsson Going Blind Rock
Sweden Tigerblood Jewel Gold in Our Pockets Rock
Sweden Tigerblood Jewel Deadbeat Rock
Sweden Sunbreak The Riot in My Head Rock
Sweden Sonic Spark The Beach Rock
Sweden Mothers Madness Rock Solid Rock
Sweden Coma Svensson It's a Drag a Blast Rock
Sweden Psüche Vibrations of the Universe Rock
Sweden Tigerblood Jewel Bring My Friends Rock
Sweden Ava Low Maharajah Electronica !Menu Music
Sweden Blood Red Sun Fish on Land Rock
Canada Mike Stringer Wax Rock
Sweden Parellite It Breaks Me Down Rock
Sweden Ava Low The Meaning of Pi Electronica
Sweden Dissidence Cx2 Brainwash Rock
Sweden Under Earth Burnin Out Rock
Sweden Conditional Drag Me Down Rock
Sweden Conditional Space Age Girl Machine Rock

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