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Monster Energy Supercross 5

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Found in game Music.txt file in WwiseAudio folder with order taken from this file
Sweden Wellmess Tell Me Something New (Tigerblood Jewel Remix) Rock
Sweden Tigerblood Jewel Marauder Rock
Sweden Daniel Gunnarsson The Best Of Myself (Tigerblood Jewel Remix) Rock
Canada Of Men and Wolves State of Dystopia Rock
Sweden Sven Karlsson Going Blind Rock
Sweden Sightless in Shadow Hell Wildfire (Instrumental) Metal
Sweden Wellmess I'm a Hurricane (Instrumental) Rock
Sweden Divorce Applause Happy Idiot Rock
United States Tigerblood Jewel Demon Rock
Sweden Coma Svensson Love is Blind Rock
Sweden Coma Svensson Bright Red Lights Rock
Sweden Conditional Let You Go Rock
United States The Eastern Plain My Last Song (Tigerblood Jewel Remix) (Instrumental) Rock
Somebody Splash Screen Composed soundtrack
Sweden Tigerblood Jewel Foxtrot Rock
United States Tigerblood Jewel I Think You Better Rock
United States Tigerblood Jewel Texas Style Rock
Sweden Dissidence Fix My Head Rock
Sweden Divorce Applause Knucklehead Rock
United States Walt Adams Loose Bolts Rock
United States Tigerblood Jewel Tomahawk Rock
Canada Carvings Swiss Miss Blues Rock
Sweden Dissidence Wolves with Fangs of Steel Rock
Sweden Def Lev I Don't Give A Rock
Canada Carvings Magic Highway Rock
United States Tigerblood Jewel On the Trail Rock
Sweden Van Psyke Bright Nights Rock
Canada Of Men And Wolves My Great Undoing Rock
Sweden Coma Svensson Ringing in My Head Rock
Sweden Def Lev Turn the Dancefloor Into a Moshpit Rock
Sweden Coma Svensson Better Alone Rock
Sweden Sven Karlsson A Forbidden Smile Rock
Sweden Tigerblood Jewel Marches Rock
Trailers (only?)
Germany Ludwig van Beethoven Fur Elise Classical music !Announcement Trailer

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