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Monster Energy Supercross 4

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Found in game Music.txt file in WwiseAudio folder with order taken from this file
Sweden Clandestyne Get Back in the Game Rock
Canada Mike Stringer Wax Rock
Sweden Splasher! Dollar Needles ???
Sweden Oomiee Down In The Dirt ???
Sweden No Sons of Mine Lack of Humanity Rock
Sweden Deathkite Where I Find Strength Rock
Sweden Deathkite In Our Language Rock
Sweden Splasher! Terrain ???
Sweden Suffer City Go To Hell Scarlett Woman Rock
Sweden Suffer City Lost and Blind Rock
Sweden Carvings Magic Highway Rock
Sweden Sightless in Shadow Poisoned Blade Metal
Sweden Carvings Never Return Rock
Sweden The Eastern Plain In And Out Of Love (Tigerblood Jewel Remix) Rock
Sweden Dissidence Power of Balance Rock
Sweden Carvings Truth Will Win Rock
Sweden Splasher! Monologue ???
Sweden Carvings Groover Rock
United States River Sam Trouble Deep (oomiee Remix) ???
United States Tigerblood Jewel Blues or Something Like That Rock
Sweden Dissidence Epinephrine Rock
Sweden Conditional Not Funny Rock
Sweden Off Cuts Tasing Pure Sin Rock
Sweden Splasher! Wildside ???
Sweden Sightless in Shadow Broken Delusion Metal
Sweden Sebastian Forslund Hyperdrive Metal
Sweden Dissidence Havoc Hurricane Rock
Sweden Carvings Good for Nothing Rock
Sweden Carvings Sooner Than You Know Rock
Sweden Dissidence Relentless Rush Rock
Sweden Splasher! Good World Gone Bad (Wildside Remix) ???
Sweden Sightless in Shadow Abberation Metal
Sweden Carvings Cherry Bomb Lips Rock
Sweden Splasher! Got Real ???
Sweden Henrik Andersson Buzzin with the Fuzz Rock
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