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Monster Energy Supercross 3

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Order from in-game Music.bank file
Somebody Splash Screen Composed soundtrack
New Zealand Mark Petrie The Charge (with Alexander Hitchens) Trap
United States Jermain Brown A Toast To The Winners (with Jonathan James Johnson and Knight Ryder) Rap
United States Chronic Crew Blastwave ???
France Laurent Lombard Elixir ???
England Simon Tew Bronx Block Party (with Runone) ???
France Camille Ballon Bad Agent Electronica
United States Kyle Devine Game Time (with Marcelo Rodriguez) Rap
United States Derek Lewars Mask (with Dumi Maraire and Edward Scott-Bleming) ???
England Stephen Cornish Don't Stop Trap
France Tiborg Paris Nightlife Electronica
United States Steve Ronald Ouimette Best Laid Plans Metal
United States Kyle Devine Pressure (with Marcelo Rodriguez) Rap
England Jules Bromley Cold Sweat Electronica
United States James Desmond Beast Mode (with Mikhail Oliver Johnson and Panauh Kalayeh and Robert George Grant) Rapcore
England Stephen Cornish Get You Electronica
United States Steve Ronald Ouimette Interceptor Rock
France Laurent Lombard Mister Groove ???
New Zealand Mark Petrie Back in Action (with Alexander Hitchens) Trap
United States Azita Qazzaz Shotgun (with Syed Saif Haider Naqvi and Higgi Sauce) Indie
England Stephen Cornish Crystal Clear Electronica
United States Derek Lewars Know My Name (with Dumi Maraire & Edward Scott-Bleming) Rap !Announcement
United States Steve Ronald Ouimette Avalanche (with Cat Gray) Rock
Trailers (only)
United States James Oliver Hutchinson Bring You Down (with Vance Westlake) Alternative !Launch Trailer

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