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Initial D Special Stage

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Somebodies Original Soundtrack Eurobeat
Disc 1
Kelly Wright Live In Tokyo Electronica
Dave Rodgers The Race Is Over Electronica
Dave Rodgers Space Boy Electronica
Niko Night Of Fire Electronica
Lou Grant Don't Stop The Music Electronica
Priscilla Love Is In Danger Electronica
Leslie Parrish Killing My Love Electronica
Max Coveri Running In The "90's" Electronica
Mega NRG Man Grand Prix Electronica
Dave Rodgers Beat Of The Rising Sun Electronica
Nathalie Heartbeat Electronica
Disc 2
Dusty Rock Me To The Top Electronica
Derreck Simons Station To Station Electronica
Mega NRG Man Back On The Rocks Electronica
Dusty Crazy For Love Electronica
Dr. Love Don't Stand So Close Electronica
Marko Polo Speedy Speed Boy Electronica
Dave Mc Loud Mikado Electronica
Mega NRG Man Burning Desire Electronica
Victoria Stay Electronica
Mega NRG Man Get Me Power Electronica
Edo Boys No One Sleep In Tokyo Electronica
Disc 3
Dave Simon I Need Your Love Electronica
Dave Rodgers 100 Electronica
Digital Planet West End Guy Electronica
Boys Band Crazy Night Electronica
Leslie Parrish Remember Me Electronica
Leslie Parrish Save Me Electronica
Sophie Don't You (Forget About My Love) Electronica
Robert Patton Big In Japan Electronica
Mega NRG Man Express Love Electronica
Morris Crazy For Your Love Electronica
Mr. Groove White Light Electronica

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