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Initial D Arcade Stage ZERO

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Japan Clutcho Strobe Rock
Japan 月光グリーン Inner Fighter Rock
Japan BACKDRAFT SMITHS Curious (D Mix) Rock
Japan BACKDRAFT SMITHS Candle Flames Rock
Japan Clutcho Avoid Rock
Japan The Valves No Matter Rock
Japan BACKDRAFT SMITHS We'll start our race (D Version) Rock
Japan Clutcho Liberation Rock
Japan The Hug Me One by One Rock
Japan BACKDRAFT SMITHS The Brave (D version) Rock
Japan m.o.v.e Gamble Rumble Eurobeat
United States Ken Blast The Top Eurobeat
Italy Marko Polo Stop Your Self Control Eurobeat
Italy Hely Forever Sad Eurobeat
Japan Takenobu and Kuniichi Burn Inside Eurobeat
Italy Stephy Martini Mad Desire Eurobeat
Wales Richard Cottle Set Me Free Again Electronica !Reveal trailer
Japan Sachi@SEGA Chase The Ghost Electronica !Added in update 2.1
Touhou Project Collab Update
United States DJ Command Crazy Hot Toho Eurobeat
United States DJ Command My Destiny Toho Eurobeat
Japan SOUND HOLIC PRESERVED VAMPIRE feat. Nana Takahashi Toho Eurobeat
Japan SOUND HOLIC vs. Eurobeat Union No Life Queen (DJ Command Remix) Toho Eurobeat

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