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Initial D The Arcade

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Japan A-One Scramble Eyes (vs. Motsu) ??? !Opening
Japan Axel K Dive into the Speed ??? !Lake Akina
Japan Mimamu Drive Your Ambition ??? !Usui
Japan Rute Starlight Spada ??? !Myogi
Japan Shiori Waiting for You ??? !Akagi
United States Ken Blast Midnight Tournament Eurobeat !Akina
United States Ken Blast Turn It Around Eurobeat !Irohazaka
Japan Sound Holic Edge of Time (feat. 709sec) ??? !Momiji Line
Japan A-One God Only Knows (feat. Mii) ??? !Happogahara
Japan Aki Don't Stop Your Way ??? !Akina (Snow)
Japan Nene Good Energy Flow ???
Japan A-One Super Sonic Eurobeat !Composed by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
Japan Sachi Budou High Speed Live Eurobeat
Japan Sound Holic Dual Rozes (vs. Eurobeat Union feat. Nana Takahashi) ???
Japan Digital Wing Angel Wing (Crazy Remix) ???
Japan A-One Endless Sleepless Night (feat. Kanipan) ???
Japan Sound Holic Starving Raven (feat. Nana Takahashi) ???
Japan Sound Holic Pandora Zone (vs. Eurobeat Union feat. Nana Takahashi) ???
Japan NJK Record Crazy Hot ???
Japan A-One Fever On The Road ???
Japan Sound Holic Ignite The Power ???
Japan Sound Holic Nitro Rainbow (vs. Eurobeat Union feat. Nana Takahashi) ???
Italy Dave Rodgers Horse Power Desire Eurobeat
Italy Dave Rodgers Tofu Connection Eurobeat
Japan Sachi@SEGA Chase The Ghost ???
Added in Version 2

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