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Hot Wheels Mechanix

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Somebody Main Menu Composed soundtrack
Somebody Urban Wasteland Composed soundtrack !Mix of "Spaghetii Guitar in Space" by Peter Surdoval & "Mind Storm" by Peter Surdoval
Somebody Tiki Jungle Composed soundtrack !Mix of "Jungle Dance" by James Oliver & "Tribal Tensions" by Jorge Patrono
Somebody Pluto Mines Composed soundtrack !Mix of "Sixth Dimension" by Richard Rodwell & "In the House" by Michael Crain & Paul Howards
Somebody Construction Site Composed soundtrack !Mix of "Power Tool Safari" by Craig Riley & "Road Work" by Craig Riley
Somebody Moon Base Composed soundtrack !Mix of "Industrial Revolution" by Michael McGregor & "Viscosity" by Michael McGregor
Somebody Beachway Composed soundtrack !Mix of "Big Breakers" by Craig Riley & "Wicked Surf" by Craig Riley
Somebody Asteroid Belt Composed soundtrack !Mix of "Dance Attack" by Richard Rodwell & "In The House" by Richard Rodwell
Somebody Race Complete Composed soundtrack !Mix of "Gold Silver Bronze" by Rick Rhodes & Linda Lawley

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