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Harley-Davidson: Race to the Rally

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Order as in-game music options
United States George Thorogood Move It On Over Rock !Intro
United States Poison Ride the Wind Rock !Menu
United States Great White Rock Me Rock !Bonus1
United States Billy Squier The Stroke Rock
United States Heart Magic Man Rock
United States Blacksmith to Asylum Ironhead
England Alan Darby Boogie Rocker Rock !In-game: Power Undertakers - Rock Vapor Express
England Terry Devine-King Chase the Groove Rock !In-game: Inner Maximum - Chase the Horizon
England Ross Hardy Dynamite Rcok !In-game: No Queens - Continue the Race
England David Hubbard Eliminator Rock !In-game: Enter Grudge - Eliminator
England David Hubbard The Finalists Rock !In-game: Thunderbolt & Ruby Ambrose - Breakaway Horizon
England Terry Devine-King Fire Rock !In-game: Airlock - Fire on Jack
Wales Michael Cozzi Fire Road Rock !In-game: King PapaBear - Fire Road
England Ross Hardy Get Your Kicks (with Brian White) Rock !In-game: Torture Snowman - Tailpipe Smoke
England Ross Hardy Million Miles (with Brian White) Rock !In-game: The Nikki Fox Experiment - Mission Outrun
England Colin Kiddy Speed Lover Rock !In-game: Killer Pandas - Speed On
England Steve Byrd On the Wild Side (with Andy Hamilton) Rock !In-game: The Venomous Pinks - Suicide Spin
England Alan Darby Texas Rocker Rock !In-game: Kick Stockade - Texas Rocker
England Ross Hardy Reckless (with Brian White) Rock !In-game: Coy Jeffson Revolution - Reckless
England Alan Darby Roadhouse Rock !In-game: The Motorcakes - Roadside Addiction
England Elfed Hayes Sleeping Dogs (with Trevor Hayes) Rock !In-game: The Phantom Prowlers - Chasing the Breeze
England Ross Hardy Rock Hits (with Brian White) Rock !In-game: Overheard Insomniac - Rock Blues
England Alan Darby Rock Legend Rock !In-game: Sonic Jewel Ugly - Take your Licks
England Howie Rock On Roll Up Rock !In-game: No Celebrity - Rock On Roll
England Ross Hardy Round We Go (with Brian White) Rock !In-game: Heavy Dominos - Round No More
England Justin Myers Scaling The Heights (with Hywel Maggs) Rock !In-game: Ten Thousand Statistics - Scaling The Heights
England Ross Hardy Scorched Rock !In-game: The Orthodox Implants - Scorched
England Howie Sense Less Rock !In-game: Rushmanor - Rock Exodus Fever
England Justin Myers Showdown In The Furnace (with Hywel Maggs) Rock !In-game: Skinny Ron - Showdown in the Furnace
Unused? Found in game files
England Ross Hardy Rock Box (with Brian White) Rock
Used only in videos?
England Simon Stewart Blood Sweat & Tears Rock !Bonus2
England Eddie Jones Woman Chaser Rock !Bonus6
England Eddie Jones Piledriver Rock !Bonus7
England Simon Stewart No Barriers Rock !Bonus17

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