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Gran Turismo 5

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Japan Daiki Kasho 5oul on D!splay Rock !Spec 2.0 Trailer. E3 2010 Trailer
Japan Masahiro Andoh Full Soundtrack CD1 Composed soundtrack !Gran Turismo 5 Original Game Soundtrack Disc 1
Japan Masahiro Andoh Full Soundtrack CD2 Composed soundtrack !Gran Turismo 5 Original Game Soundtrack Disc 2
China Lang Lang Gran Turismo 5 Original Soundtrack Classical music
England Friendly Fires Hold On Alternative dance
Canada Hot Hot Heat Implosionatic Rock
England Kele Tenderoni Electro house
United States My Chemical Romance Planetary (Go!) Rock !North America Launch Trailer.
Canada We Are Wolves Holding Hands Rock
England Whitey Blah Indie rock
United States Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll (Little Vampire Remix) Electronica
Sweden The Hives Nasty Secretary Rock
United States Them Crooked Vultures Scumbag Blues Rock
United States Sky Parade I Should Be Coming Up Alternative dance
Japan Yasuo Sakou Cana do Brazil Bossanova
Japan Yasuo Sakou Wind from Rio Bossanova !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Yasuo Sakou Obrigado!Obrigado! Bossanova
Japan Taroma Koshida Sunday Bossanova
Japan Taroma Koshida Wind Navigator Bossanova
Japan Taroma Koshida East Avenue Bossanova
Japan Taroma Koshida Holiday Bossanova
Japan Taroma Koshida Apollo Bossanova
Japan Seigen Tokuzawa Cecile Bossanova
Japan Seigen Tokuzawa Eve Bossanova
Japan Seigen Tokuzawa Fiorenzo Bossanova
France Maurice Ravel Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte Classical music
France Gabriel Faure Pavane Op. 50 Classical music
France Charles Gounod Ave Maria Classical music
France Jules Massenet Rousseau Meditation From Thais Classical music
France Erik Satie Gnossienne No.1 Classical music
France Claude Debussy Reverie Classical music
Poland Fryderyk Chopin Waltz In C-Sharp Minor Op.64 No.2 Classical music
France Erik Satie Gymnopedie Classical music
Somebody Amazing Grace Classical music
Poland Fryderyk Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 Classical music
Germany Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No.8 In C Minor Op.13 Classical music
Somebody Danny Boy Classical music
France Erik Satie Le Piccadilly Classical music
Germany Richard Strauss Fünf Klavierstücke Op.3 No.1 Andante Classical music
Czech Republic Antonin Dvorak Symphony No.9 Op.95 Classical music
Hungary Franz Liszt Liebestraum No.1 Classical music
Germany Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No.17 In D Major Op.31-2 Classical music
Poland Fryderyk Chopin Polonaise Op.40 No.1 Classical music
Poland Fryderyk Chopin Étude In E Major Op.10 No.3 Classical music
Hungary Franz Liszt Grandes Études de Paganini: S.141 No.3 Composed soundtrack
Germany Johann Sebastian Bach Air on the G String Classical music
Russia Pyotr Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker No.14 Pas de dex Classical music
Poland Fryderyk Chopin Impromptu Op.66 Classical music
Poland Fryderyk Chopin Waltz In D Flat Major Op.64 No.1 Classical music
Dance and Electronic
Japan Mitsuharu Ura The Last Helping (with Furani) Electronica !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi New Age Electronica
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi Green Park Electronica
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi At Night Electronica
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi The First Person Electronica
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi Cube Electronica
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi Parade Electronica
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi Beautiful Area Electronica
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi Way Electronica
Japan Akihisa Yamaguchi Finale Electronica
Japan Keiji Inai A Point of Departure Electronica
Japan Keiji Inai In Transit Electronica
Japan Keiji Inai Sunset Haze Electronica
Japan Keiji Inai Orange Boulevard Electronica
Japan Keiji Inai Horizons in May Electronica
Japan Keiji Inai Twilight Moon Electronica
Japan Aem 0&7 Electronica
Japan Gonno Something Must Break D&B
Japan Gonno Drive on Coins D&B
Japan Gonno Two Carfuls Of Momentos D&B
Japan YO.C and B.U.S Radiotire Electronica
France Breakbot Penelope Pitstop Electro house
Scotland Calvin Harris I'm Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix) Electro house
Germany Munk Back Down (Cut Copy Remix) Electronica
Austria Camo and Krooked Climax D&B
England The Chemical Brothers Escape Velocity Electronica
England DJ Fresh Talk Box (GT5 Edit) D&B
England Emika Double Edge (GERM Remix) Electronica
England Fuck Buttons The Lisbon Maru Electronica
Belgium Goose Words (Jester Dub) (GT5 Edit) Electronica
Belize Jiro Vega Aqua (Miles Dyson Remix) Electronica
England London Elektricity Just One Second (Apex Remix) D&B
United States Lorn Cherry Moon Electronica
Netherlands Noisia Yellow Brick (GT5 Edit) Electronica
England Sub Focus Deep Space D&B
England Sub Focus Follow The Light D&B
England Sub Focus Rock It (GT5 Edit) D&B
France Vitalic Poison Lips Electronica
England Scuba Latch Electronica
Ukraine Sunchase Keyring Electronica
England Herve Blaze It (Reset! Remix) Electronica
Finland Helsinki 78-82 Cruising Electronica
England Rusko You're On My Mind Baby Dubstep
Japan Yudai Satoh Rain and lady's heart Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh Current of the times Jazz !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Yudai Satoh strolling Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh Jolly Bounce Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Wave Train Jazz
Japan Mitsutoshi Satoh FULL COURSE CAUTION Jazz
Japan Mitsutoshi Satoh Second Driver Jazz
Japan Mitsutoshi Satoh CHRISTMAS TREE Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh Are you ready? Jazz !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Satoshi Bando When The Rains Come Jazz !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Satoshi Bando Farewell Jazz !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Satoshi Bando Dark Line Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Mesmerium Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Slow On The Uptake Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Afterglow Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Smooth Talking Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh Night Birds Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh Get on!!! Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh Gently The Moon Always Watches You Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh The power of GT Jazz
Japan Ryo Sonoda Smoker's Lament Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai Park Side Café Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai Sea Line Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai Weekend Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai Mighty Engine Jazz
Japan Norihito Sumitomo REMINISCENCE Jazz
Japan Norihito Sumitomo SOLITUDE Jazz
Japan Norihito Sumitomo TRACKS OF DREAM Jazz
Japan Norihito Sumitomo WINDS Jazz
Japan Norihito Sumitomo PATH FINDER Jazz
Japan Norihito Sumitomo THE ROAD TO SUCCESS Jazz
Japan Norihito Sumitomo SIDE OF YOU Jazz
Japan Norihito Sumitomo HOT STUFF Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai West 132st Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai Sunrise Ocean Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai Madeleine Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai Modena Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai City Circuit Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai South Swing Jazz
Japan Daisuke Kawai So Tenderly Jazz
Japan Taku Yabuki 7 days reminiscence Jazz
Japan Taku Yabuki memorabilia Jazz
Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Adachi Love&Peace Lounge music !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Cargo SEQUEL Lounge music
Japan Cargo PIANO-LOGIC Lounge music
Japan Cargo DRUMACT Lounge music
Japan Cargo BLACKOUT Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Adachi feels so good Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Adachi Evening Haze Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Adachi Suite Dreams Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Adachi come with me Lounge music
Japan Makoto Time Is Changing Lounge music
Japan Makoto Places And Spaces Lounge music
Japan Makoto Winter Dreams Lounge music
Japan Makoto On My Way Lounge music
Japan Makoto Back 2U Lounge music !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Mitsuharu Ura Route Sunday (with Furani) Lounge music
Japan Mitsuharu Ura sun seaker noisever (with Furani) Lounge music
Japan Cargo GT-FORCE Lounge music !Also in GT5 Prologue.
Japan Kemmei Casino Drive Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Liberty Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Mirage Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Dream World Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Like a Bird Lounge music
Japan Maki Mannami my favorite wings Lounge music
Japan Yuto Takei Xth Avenue Lounge music
Japan Yuto Takei Exponential TimeLine Lounge music
Japan Tyme. calm calm Lounge music
Japan Tyme. a slowly day Lounge music
Japan Makoto The Trip Lounge music
Japan Makoto Believe Lounge music
Japan Makoto After The Rain Lounge music
Japan Makoto Journey To The One Lounge music
Japan Makoto Boogie Back Lounge music
Japan Yuto Takei Cubic Luster Lounge music
Japan Maki Mannami spin your own wheels Lounge music
Japan annayamada the hat flew away by wind Lounge music
Japan Akimasa Yamada Lotus in dam Lounge music
Japan annayamada 4 CHORDS Lounge music
Japan Tyme. Let me see your mind Lounge music
Japan Yuki Oike Globe Lounge music
Japan Yuki Oike Wind Lounge music
Japan Yuki Oike Passion Lounge music
Japan Daiki Kasho Shadows of Our Past Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Runabout Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Take Control Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Twist Rock
Japan Aem Gloss Of Speed Rock
Japan Aem A Useless Time Rock
Japan Dash Cross Over Rock
Japan Dash wingy Rock
England Band of Skulls Patterns Rock
United States Eagles of Death Metal I Want You So Hard Rock
France Plastiscines Pas Avec Toi Rock
United States Queens of the Stone Age The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret Rock
United States The Fucking Eagles Gentlemen's Blues Rock
Northern Ireland Two Door Cinema Club Undercover Martyn Indie rock
England The Heavy No Time (Beats Mix) Indie rock
England Pop Levi Police Sign Rock
Germany Scorpions The Sails of Charon Rock
Australia Pnau Baby (Breakbot Remix) Electronica !Pre-Race Theme
United States The Smashing Pumpkins 1979 Rock !Extended Ending of the GT5 credits
Japan Daiki Kasho Day To Live Rock
Japan Yuto Takei 8va Curves Electronica !Pre-Race Theme
Belgium Goose 3T4 Rock !Mentioned in files but unused
England Klaxons Golden Skans (Van She Remix) !File title pointing to remix while game using non-remix version
France Federico Baltimore Sweet Worlds (Gran Turismo HD Remix) Composed soundtrack !Gran Turismo HD Menu Music
Trailers (only)
England TC Borrowed Time D&B !Night Racing Trailer
England The Heavy Big Bad Wolf Indie rock !Retrospective Trailer
China Lang Lang Prokofiev Piano Sonata 7 In B Flat Op. 83 Classical music !Lang Lang Video
GT5 Prologue (only)
United States Weezer Automatic (LA Riots Remix) Rock !Prologue - Weezer "Automatic" Remix Video.
United States The Mars Volta Goliath (El-P Remix) Electronica !Prologue - Mars Volta "Goliath"
France Justice Let There Be Light Electronica
France SebastiAn Dolami Electronica
France Kavinsky Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix) Electronica
United States DJ Shadow LOVE LOVE Funk
England Does It Offend You Yeah? With A Heavy Heart (I Regret To Inform You) Rock
United States The Earaches Not The Kind Of Man I Am Rock
Ireland Thin Lizzy The Rocker (Richard Evans Mix) Rock
England Klaxons Golden Skans Rock
England Friendly Fires On Board Alternative !Friendly Fires "On Board" Trailer
Canada Pride Tiger Let 'Em Go Rock
Japan Mitsutoshi Satoh Flatout Jazz
Japan Mitsutoshi Satoh Constructor's Blues Jazz
Japan Masahiro Andoh Moon Over The Castle (GT5 Prologue Version) Composed soundtrack
Japan Nittoku Inoue Road Star Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue 100000 R.P.M. Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Get Away Rock !Prologue - Japanese Launch Trailer.
Japan Naomee Twieky 4 Electronica
Japan Naomee Sky High Mountain Breeze Electronica
Japan Daiki Kasho Surv1v3 Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho Edge Of The World Rock
Belgium Goose Check Electronica
Belgium Goose Everybody Electronic rock
England Backdraft Off The Wall Electronica
Northern Ireland Alloy Mental We Have Control Electronica
England Reverend and The Makers The Machine Rock
Unused songs found in game files
Somebody Champ Start 1 Composed soundtrack
Somebody New Class Opened Composed soundtrack
Somebody License Get Electronic Composed soundtrack
Somebody License Get (Unused) Composed soundtrack
Somebody Champ Start 2 Electric (Unused) Composed soundtrack
Somebody Champ Start 2 (Unused) Composed soundtrack
Somebody Champ Start 1 Electric (Unused) Composed soundtrack
Somebody GT5_Jingle_sub1 (Unused) Composed soundtrack
Somebody GT5_Jingle_sub2 (Unused) Composed soundtrack
Somebody GT5_Jingle_sub3 (Unused) Composed soundtrack

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