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Gran Turismo Sport

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
South Korea Yoon Jong-shin The Lobster K-pop !Appears in open beta (car select screen)
Menu BGM
England 45 Dip Lizzie's Balloon Chillout
Belgium Charles Schillings No Communication No Love Chillout
Japan chunnel U Blue Phoenix Ambient
England Doctor Rockit Café de Flore (Charles Webster's Latin Lovers Mix) Chillout
France I:Cube Adore Chillout
Japan Kay Nakayama 2 My Heart (Happy Incept Day Mix) Electronica
Japan Kay Nakayama Baby So Free Electronica
Japan Kay Nakayama Body And Mind Trip-hop?
Japan Kay Nakayama Space Electronica
Japan Kay Nakayama Summer Crystal Chillout
Japan Kay Nakayama Sunshine Ambient
Japan Kay Nakayama Supreme Moment Electronica
Japan Kay Nakayama Together Electronica
Japan Kay Nakayama Glasstress (with Cathy Battistessa) Trip-hop
Japan KEMMEI majestic blue Lounge music !Menu 6
Japan Kenji Kato get ready Lounge music
Japan Kenji Kato lineage Lounge music
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre All About The Girl Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Dazzle dream Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Dreambird Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Ethereal Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Forbidden Fruit Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Futurescape Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Grace Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Horizons Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Melancholia Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre One World Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Pink Flamingo Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Psychonavigator Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Retreat To The Forest Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Sixtyfour Hippos Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Sundry Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre The Aoen Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre The Eye Of God Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre The Lizard Dream Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre The Local Floatery Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Underwater World Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre Vision Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre What can you do Ambient
Denmark Lenny Ibizarre When The Ocean Smiles Ambient
United States Mark Farina Dream Machine feat. Sean Hayes (Downtempo Mix) Downtempo
England Mirror System Blue Ocean Ambient !Menu 16
England Mirror System Chic Psychedelic (N-Port Version) Electronica !Menu 21
England Mirror System Far Journeys Composed soundtrack !Menu 17
England Mirror System Love Machine Electronica !Menu 4
England Mirror System The Colour of Love (N-Port Version) Electronica !Menu 1
England Mirror System Warn The West Electronica !Menu 11
Germany Mo' Horizons Flyin' Away Downtempo
United States Mr. V Jus Dance (Sole Channel Mix) Electronica
Japan Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba #99Player's Ambient
Japan Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba Brickyard Ambient
Japan Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba The Pass Ambient
Japan Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba SpeedWorld Ambient
United States Pink Martini Sympathique Pop
Japan RAM Symphonic movement Lounge music
Denmark Slow Train Soul In the Black of Night Electronica
France Stéphane Pompougnac Morenito feat. Clémentine Downtempo
Italy S-Tone Inc. Con Mi Sombra Downtempo
Japan Tyme. Night Floating (with Tatsuya Yamada) Ambient
France Variety Lab I Can't Help Thinking About You Electronica
France Variety Lab London in the Rain Electronica
Japan Yasuhisa Inoue Awaking Ambient
Japan Yasuhisa Inoue Glass Substrate Ambient
Japan Yasuhisa Inoue Process Control Ambient
Japan Yasuhisa Inoue Repetitive Manufacturing Ambient
Race/Replay BGM
United States A Tribe Called Quest Dis Generation Rap
Japan Ayato Shinozaki TOMAHAWK Electronica
England Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Iron Age Rock
Netherlands Black Sun Empire Kill That Noise (with State of Mind) (GT Sport Edit) D&B
Sweden Capa Accelerate Electronica
United States Childish Gambino Riot Soul
Australia Courtney Barnett Pedestrian At Best Rock
England Daaam!!! Life On The Mothership Synthpop !Other name of Kilon Tek
England Daaam!!! Onset (Instr) Electronica !Other name of Kilon Tek
Japan Daiki Kasho 5oul on D!splay Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho All My Life Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho Al1v3 Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho Break Down Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho Day to Live Rock !Also in beta
Japan Daiki Kasho Good Days & Bad Days Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho It's All About You Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho Place in This World Rock !Also in beta
Japan Daiki Kasho Shadows of Our Past Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho Soul Surfer Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho What To Believe Rock
Japan Daiki Kasho Wicked Electronic rock
France DANGER 4h30 Electronica
United States Deap Vally Post Funk Rock
England Delta Heavy Arcadia D&B
Germany Digitalism Battlecry Electronic rock
Australia DZ Deathrays Fixations (AL-P of MSTRKRFT Remix) Electronica
England Fred V and Grafix Basilisk D&B
United States Future Islands Beauty of the Road Indie rock
United States Health Stonefist (Remix by Boys Noize featuring Empress Of) Electronica
United States James Egbert Jettison (Radio Edit) Electronica
England Juno Reactor Alien Trance
England Juno Reactor Return of the Pistolero Trance
Australia King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Evil Death Roll Rock
Norway Lemaitre Stepping Stone (feat. Mark Johns) Electronica
England London Elektricity Tone Poem D&B
England Lynx Rim Shock D&B
Japan MAKOTO Black Mist D&B
Japan Gonno Drive On Coins Electronica !Possible to be the clone of GT5 song.
Japan MAKOTO Flying Easy D&B
United States Matthew Anthony Do It Again Trance
United States Meatbodies Disorder Rock
Austria Mefjus Blitz D&B
England Metrik LIFE/THRILLS (feat. NAMGAWD) D&B
Japan Nittoku Inoue Burn Out Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Get Away Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Kill Switch Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Road Star Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Runabout Rock
Japan Nittoku Inoue Take Control Rock
England No Nothings A Country Song Rock
Australia Palms Beatdown Rock
England PINS Baby Bhangs Rock
United States Pissed Jeans The Bar Is Low Rock
Japan Powerless Sky Drive Electronica !Porsche Trailer PV
Japan Powerless Vanquish Electronic rock !Sport Mode Song
United States RA Prism (Trentemøller Remix) Electronica
England Savages Sad Person Rock
England Savages The Answer Rock
United States Speaker of the House Wide Awake Electronica
England Spring King City Rock
England Spring King Tell Me If You Like To Rock
Japan Taku Yoshioka Right After the Break D&B
United States The M Machine Moon Song (Digitalism Remix) Electronica
England The Qemists Run You (Vocal) Electronic rock and D&B
Japan Tom H@ck Ebullience Rock
Japan Tom H@ck I Was Born to Survive Electronica
United States Ty Segall 20th Century Boy Rock
United States Ty Segall Break a Guitar Rock
England Vant Do You Know Me Rock
United States Vince Staples BagBak Trap
Australia Wesley Fuller The Dancer Rock
France Woodkid Run Boy Run Indie !Gameplay Trailer #2 (instrumental)
Scotland Young Fathers Get Up Rap
Added in update 1.10
Japan Isamu Ohira Windroad Composed soundtrack !GT league
Closed Beta (April 2017)
Somebody Menu 2 Composed soundtrack
Japan Kay Nakayama Supreme Moment Composed soundtrack !Menu 3
Somebody Menu 5 Composed soundtrack
Japan Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba The Pass Composed soundtrack !Menu 7
Japan Kay Nakayama Sunshine Composed soundtrack !Menu 8
Japan Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba #99Player's Composed soundtrack !Menu 9
Somebody Menu 10 Composed soundtrack
South Korea Yoon Jong-shin The Lobster (Instrumental) K-pop !Menu 12
Japan Kay Nakayama Space Composed soundtrack !Menu 13
Somebody Menu 15 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Menu 18 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Menu 19 Composed soundtrack
Japan FilFla Cone Pone Tone (?) Composed soundtrack
Somebody Menu 22 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Menu 23 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Menu 24 Composed soundtrack !Mirror System - The Colour Of Love (N- Port Version) (Again?)
Somebody Menu 25 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Menu 26 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Menu 27 Composed soundtrack
Somebody Menu 28 Composed soundtrack
Hidden in Transmission Mode?
Japan Akimasa Yamada Prunus in Guanhua Lounge music
Japan Akimasa Yamada Lotus in Dam Lounge music
Japan Cargo DRUMACT Lounge music
Japan Cargo GT-FORCE Lounge music
Japan Cargo PIANO-LOGIC Lounge music
Japan Cargo SEQUEL Lounge music
Japan Yusuke Yamamoto Lunar Mare Lounge music
Japan FilFla Cone Pone Tone Lounge music
Japan Keiji Inai Sunset Breeze Lounge music
Japan Keiji Inai Whispering Wind Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Blue Moon Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Adachi Evening Haze Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Like a Bird Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Liberty Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Adachi Love&Peace Lounge music
Japan Kemmei Adachi Suite Dreams Lounge music
Japan Maki Mannami Enter the Rainbow Gate Lounge music
Japan Maki Mannami My Favorite Wings Lounge music
Japan Maki Mannami Spin Your Own Wings Lounge music
Japan Makoto After The Rain Lounge music
Japan Makoto Back 2U Lounge music
Japan Makoto On My Way Lounge music
Japan Makoto Quick Slick Lounge music
Japan Makoto The Trip Lounge music
Japan mergrim Vis Lounge music
Japan Mitsuharu Ura Route Sunday (with Furani) Lounge music
Japan Mitsuharu Ura sun seaker noisever (with Furani) Lounge music
Japan Ryo Sonoda Smoker's Lament Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Afterglow Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Dark Line Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Farewell Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Mesmerium Jazz
Japan Satoshi Bando Smooth Talking Jazz
Japan Shinji Akita Keep The Faith Lounge music
Japan Tyme. Another Planet Lounge music
Japan Tyme. Calm Calm Lounge music
Japan Tyme. Let Me See Your Mind Lounge music
Japan Yasuo Sakou Cana do Brazil Bossanova
Japan Yasuo Sakou Obrigado!Obrigado! Bossanova
Japan Yasuo Sakou Wind from Rio Bossanova
Japan Yudai Satoh Current of the times Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh Gently The Moon Always Watches You Jazz
Japan Yudai Satoh Night Birds Jazz
Japan Yuki Oike Age of Aquarius Lounge music
Japan Yuki Oike Alony Lounge music
Japan Yuki Oike Red Lounge music
Japan Yuki Oike White Out Lounge music
Japan Yusuke Asano Night Observer Lounge music
Japan Yuto Takei Bevel Gearing Lounge music
Japan Yuto Takei Reynolds & Moody Lounge music
Appears in beta
Trailers (only)
England Piers Baron As Our Witness Electronica !First Trailer; Gameplay Trailer #1
Japan Masahiro Andoh Moon Over The Castle (Orchestral Version) Composed soundtrack !Gameplay Trailer #2
United States Ryan Taubert No Other Name Composed soundtrack !Playstation Experience Trailer
Ukraine Alex Zado Escape Rock !July Update 1.23 trailer
Italy Syncro Time Electronica !May Update 1.19 trailer
United States Kevin Graham Save Us All Composed soundtrack !Patch 1.13 trailer
Israel Yanivi Rock this Joint (feat Bella Potchy) ??? !Introducing the "Gran Turismo SPORT" Free Update - March
Israel Peter Spacey Shimer Electronica !February 2020 Update Trailer
Japan Masahiro Andoh Moon Over the Castle (GT Sport Spec 2 Remix) Composed soundtrack !Spec II Intro
Somebody GT Sport Spec II Part 2 Composed soundtrack
Ukraine Heinali Ritual of the Reverence Ambient !Dynamic Theme

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