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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Canada Kevin Greenlee Main Menu Theme Electronica
Listed as in soundtrack menu
England Full Kontakt Clock Watch D&B
England Full Kontakt Power Train D&B
England Full Kontakt The Creeper Electronica
Slovakia Silence Groove Reconnect D&B
Czech Republic Entita Can't Wait D&B
England Full Kontakt Cyborg D&B
England Revaux Solidify D&B
Spain Mart-E Boost Empire Electronica
Scotland Xtigma Crash City Electronica
United States Pragmatic Going Down D&B !Section 8 recordings
England Full Kontakt Blackout Electronica
United States Imperium Cerbera Electronica
Added in 2018 release
Japan Makoto Submerge (with Battery) D&B
England Pete Cannon War Games (with Inja) D&B
England Krakota Citadels D&B
England Krakota Coyote (with Urbandawn) D&B
England Lynx Clap Track D&B
Germany Rawtekk Restless D&B
Australia Royalston Diorama D&B
Brazil S.P.Y Midnight Blue D&B
Brazil S.P.Y Riding The Void D&B
England Whiney Sunday Grunge D&B
England Whiney Talisman D&B
Scotland Xtigma Overdrive Electronica !1.4.0 Update (Antigravity Ships)
England Full Kontakt Tornado D&B !1.4.0 Update (Antigravity Ships)
Added after some update (The Plunge track).
England Full Kontakt Clock Watch V2 D&B
United States Shivaxi Black Sun D&B
United States Shivaxi Dirty Innuendo D&B
Added in Jekna 881 update
England Thrill Swollowa Claws D&B
England Thrill Swollowa Midnight Senerade D&B
England Nosfer Dog Eat Dog (with Urph) D&B !Added in patch Fade Garage

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