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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Finland Kemopetrol My Superstar ???
Finland Jarno Sarkula BDome Composed soundtrack
Finland Jarno Sarkula Loop Composed soundtrack
Wales Gavin Griffiths Zero Composed soundtrack !Office
United States Les Vegas The Ladykiller (with Ray Dean and Steve Sidwell) Disco !Song1
United States Ian Thomas Hustler (with Ron Price) Funky !Song2
United States David Cabrera Sweet Is The Night (with Phil McArthur) Funk !Song3
Finland Jarno Sarkula Song4 Composed soundtrack
France Olivier Renoir Hypnotize Me Dance !Song5
England Alan Lomer Factor 15 Disco !Song6
United States Adam John Salkeld Ultramarine (with Neil Pollard) Trip-hop !Song7
United States Mark Hawkins Goldfish ??? !Song8
United States Lee Groves Smoove (with Peter George Marett) Trip-hop !Song9
United States Jay Eeden Beat Keeps On ??? !Song10
Finland Jarno Sarkula Song11 Composed soundtrack
England Steve Everitt Between The Eyes Electronica !Song12
United States Kevin Leavy Teamsteam ??? !Song13
United States Anthony Edwin Phillips Beautiful Strange ??? !Song14
England Crispin Taylor Departure Lounge (with Ernie McKone and Toby Baker) ??? !Song15
Finland Jarno Sarkula End_credits_1 Composed soundtrack
United States Anthony Edwin Phillips Beautiful Strange (Credits) Composed soundtrack !End_credits_2

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