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Pacer (Formula Fusion)

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Italy Antonio Vivaldi Concerto In G Minor for Violin - Op. 8 No. 2 RV 315 "L'estate" Composed soundtrack !Announcement Trailer
England Kaya Project Nazreh Mili (The Nasha Experience Remix) (feat. Shahin Badar) D&B !Sonashahar reveal
United States Akira Complex Hypersynthetic Electronica !Satawald reveal
United States GRRL Rally Electronica!Ajura reveal
Formula Fusion (original game?)
Original Soundtrack
England Leon Switch Atlas Torres Trance
England Leon Switch El Muro Trance
England Leon Switch Fiyah! Fury Trance
England Leon Switch Freeway Trance
England Leon Switch Mannahatta Trance
England Leon Switch Midtown Trafik Trance
England Leon Switch Niagara GP Trance
England Leon Switch Trans Atol Trance
England Leon Switch Race Over Trance
Early Access (since 0.0.4 up to 0.2.0?)
England Snareophobe Diamonds In The Dirt Electronica !Gameplay Trailer (Uploaded 6.08.2015 on R8's Facebook Fanpage)
Netherlands Soundwaves and Escapades Stars Electronica
Added in 0.2.0 update
United States Silva Hound Cool Friends (Murtagh & Veschell Remix) Dubstep
United States Seledrex Ultraviolet Electronica!Previously reposted by R8Games on Facebook.
England Ducoodi The First Electronica!Formula Fusion Pitch - Ex Wipeout Devs
England Buckfunk 3000 Jump (Snareophobe Remix) Electronica !Kickstarter Video
Australia Dub FX Run D&B !Teaser Trailer. Dec 2016 Steam EA build (trailer)
Music submissions reposted by R8Games on Facebook.
England Some Primate The Sound of Speed Electronica
Poland Flya Fire Electronica
Poland Flya Orbital Flow Electronica
United States OutSource Plazma D&B
Australia TheConzio Elec De Sphere Electronica
Community Music Submission (playlist by R8Games on SoundCloud)
England Some Primate Building Tomorrow Electronica
United States Seledrex Exodus Dubstep!Previously reposted by R8Games on Facebook.
Portugal Shiryu €-Unity Electronica
Belgium Protontype Change your Way Electronica!Previously reposted by R8Games on Facebook.
Germany Avionics Flipside Electronica
United States Kraedt Homebound D&B
United States MVMMALS I'll Be There Electronica
Russia Archie Desso Project Electronica
England OccupiedSoul Cubed Electronica
England Shadowjack Conflict Electronica
England Shadowjack Shatterstar Electronica
England Shadowjack New Technology Electronica
England Tonal Axis Driver Electronica
United States Thedus Beach Blanket BBQ Jam Electronica
United States Thedus Zeus 2 Castor: The Birth of Legacy Electronica
United States Thedus The Worm Electronica
United States Re-Collect Lie Electronica
United States Re-Collect Oversight Electronica
England xKore Blood Rave Dubstep
Russia The Brig Ready to Beat Dubstep
England xKore Last Words Dubstep
Russia Artego Make Me Believe Progressive house
United States BMC Arcturus Galactic Signal Electronica
Germany Vojeet Wixout Electronica
Germany Criminux Movement Electronica
United States StrikerMusic Fusion Electronica
United States Ayde Horizon Electronica
United States nfinit.me Clear Nuke Electronica

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