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F&F (2006 game)

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
United States Atlas Plug Around the World Electronica
United States Celldweller Goodbye (Klayton Revision) D&B
Japan Hime Ukina Rap !Trailer.
Japan Hime Black List Rap
Japan Hime Himehajime 2006 Rap
Japan Hime In The Rain Rap
Japan Hime Fuyajo Rap
Japan 565 Samurai Sword Rap
Italy 9mm So Scared Rock
United States Open Hand Tough Guy Rock
United States Plain White T's Revenge Rock
Adam Fox Attack of the Things Electronica
Adam Fox Massive Electronic rock
United States Lemon Drop Kick Forbidden Lover Rock
United States Lemon Drop Kick All Over Now Rock
United States Lemon Drop Kick 1140 Rock
United States Lemon Drop Kick Dullish Rock
Slow Car Boost Over It Rock
Slow Car Boost That Was You Rock
United States I Am Ghost Pretty People Never Lie / Vampires Really Never Die Rock
United States Zebrahead Wake Me Up Rock
United States Zebrahead The Walking Dead Rock
United States The Asphalt From Afar Rock
United States Clearview Kills Sleep with the Light On Rock
Motion Picture Demise The Way it Goes Rock
United States Forever Changed The Last Time Rock
United States Far East Movement Get Offa Me Rap
United States Far East Movement Make Ya Self Rapcore
United States Emanuel The Hey Man Rock
United States 30 Seconds to Mars Attack Rock
United States Invisible Enemies Cobrah Tryangle Rock
Japan King Giddra Generation Next Rap !Appears in game files, but not in credits

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