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XGRA Extreme-G Racing Association

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Dance playlist
United States BT Dreaming Electronica
United States BT Godspeed Electronica
United States BT Mad Skillz (Mic Chekka Remix) Electronica !Menu
United States BT Mercury & Solace Electronica
United States BT Never Gonna Come Back Down Electronica
United States Cirrus Stop and Panic (Deepsky Mix) Electronica
United States Cirrus Hit The Decks Electronica
United States Dave Aude Push That Thing Electronica
United States Micro The Sound Barrier (XGRA Mix) Electronica
Liberia Trona Dirty Pretty Picture Electronica
England Liam Westbrook The Rush Trance
Spain Pro-active Visions (Techno Trance Mix) Trance !Credits named it as "Jose Puentes - Proactive"
Rock playlist
United States Alien Breed Colorblind Rock
United States Alien Breed Radioactive (Mix) Rock
United States Celldweller The Last Firstborn Industrial
United States Celldweller Own Little World Industrial
United States Celldweller One Good Reason Industrial
United States Celldweller The Stars of Orion Industrial
United States The Dwarves Accelorator Rock !Credits misspell it as "Accelerator"
United States The Dwarves Over You Rock
Canada Noise Therapy Far Away Industrial

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