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Disney Speedstorm

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Added in some update in April 2023
Somebody Mount Olympus Racetrack Composed soundtrack
Somebody The Castle Racetrack D&B
Somebody The Silver Screen Racetrack Composed soundtrack
Somebody The Great Wall Racetrack Composed soundtrack
Trailers (only?)
Netherlands Bob Thole Detonator (with Vincent Witte) ??? !Launch Trailer
United States Nico Jonas Big Moves ??? !Launch Trailer
United States Marc Ferrari Conquest Throwdown (with John K. Sands, Trevor Roy Lewallen and Dennis Ramone Gonzalez) ??? !Mike Wazowski Unique Skill trailer
France Fabien Langard Turbines (with Charles Caste-Ballereau) Electronica !Founder's Packs Trailer
United States Jeremy Noel William Abbott Rage to the Rhythm Electronica !Speedster Showcase trailer
United States Kyle Booth Thrift 'n' Drift !Trickster Showcase
The Leighton Brothers Steamboat Bill
The Mouseketeers Mickey Mouse Club March
Cheryl Freeman The Gospel Truth I / Main Titles
Lilias White Zero To Hero
Angela Lansbury Beauty and The Beast
Richard White Gaston (with Jessie Corti)
Phil Harris Bare Necessities (with Bruce Reitherman)
Donny Osmond I'll Make a Man Out of You

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