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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Info based on https://descenders.fandom.com/wiki/Soundtrack
Plays in Hub (default)
England Rameses B Memoirs VIP (Instrumental) Liquid D&B
England Rameses B Once Upon A Time Liquid D&B
England Monrroe A Place To Belong Liquid D&B
Estonia Modest Intentions Youniverse Liquid D&B
Plays in Highlands and Favela (default)
England Woody Bandit Liquid D&B
Netherlands T and Sugah Unreal (feat. Ayve) Liquid D&B
United States Shiny Radio A Million Colours Liquid D&B
Netherlands Maduk Kings and Queens Liquid D&B
Netherlands Maduk Levitate Liquid D&B
United States Seba Lose Control Liquid D&B
Plays in Forest and Desert (default)
United States Dualistic Station Six Liquid D&B
Hungary Raise Spirit Fallen Leaves Liquid D&B
England Monrroe Dawning (Instrumental) Liquid D&B
Netherlands Edlan Dreamcatcher (feat. Ella) Liquid D&B
Netherlands Maduk Ghost Assassin VIP (Instrumental) Liquid D&B
Netherlands Maduk Believe (feat. Hebe Vrijhof) Liquid D&B
Plays in Canyon, Volcano, Jungle, Ridges (default)
England Feint For The Fire (Instrumental) Liquid D&B
England Rameses B We Are One (feat. Veela) Liquid D&B
Netherlands T and Sugah Lost On My Own (with Zazu) Liquid D&B
Plays in Canyon and Jungle (default)
Netherlands T and Sugah Green Valleys (Original Mix) (feat. Ayve) Liquid D&B
Netherlands Vandera Red Ink Liquid D&B
Plays in Peaks and Glaciers (default)
Netherlands Actraiser Glow Worm Liquid D&B
United States Justin Hawkes Be Still Liquid D&B
England Pola and Bryson Paper Booklet Liquid D&B
Russia Nelver Save Yourself Liquid D&B
England Futuristik Sun Liquid D&B !Plays in Highlands and Volcano and Favela and Ridges
United States Justin Hawkes Colorless Liquid D&B !Plays in Forest
England Rameses B Stranded Liquid D&B !Plays in Peaks and Volcano and Glaciers and Ridges
Netherlands T and Sugah Descenders Liquid D&B !Credits
England Priority One City Needs Sleep (Fox Stevenson Remix) (with Twothirds) Liquid D&B !Unknown if it is used

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