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Initial D Arcade Stage Version 3m.o.v.e - Gamble Rumble (Opening Theme)Initial D Arcade Stage ZEROm.o.v.e - Gamble RumbleInitial D Street Stagem.o.v.e - DogfightInitial D Exteme Stagem.o.v.e - Dive Into Streamm.o.v.e - 蒼穹のFlight (Soukyuu No Flight)Initial D Arcade Stage 8m.o.v.e - Outsoar The RainbowInitial D Arcade Stage 7 AAXm.o.v.e - Gamble Rumble -Stage 7 Version-m.o.v.e - Cross The XInitial D Arcade Stage 6 AAm.o.v.e - The Double Acem.o.v.e - BirdInitial D Arcade Stage 4m.o.v.e - Out Of Kontrolm.o.v.e - Namida 3000