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Need for Speed The RunPaul Linford - Lucky BreakNeed for Speed CarbonPaul Linford - Kick It Up a NotchPaul Linford - Not Sure 'bout This TPaul Linford - Feels Good DonitPaul Linford - This Doesn't Look GoodPaul Linford - Ya ThinkPaul Linford - My My MissyNeed for Speed Most WantedPaul Linford - The Mann (with Chris Vrenna)Paul Linford - Most Wanted Mash Up (with Chris Vrenna)Paul Linford - Kick It Up a Notch / Back for MorePaul Linford - Feels Good Donit / End of the LinePaul Linford - My My Missy / No HeadlightsPaul Linford - Don't Like It Do Ya / BustedPaul Linford - Ya Think / What's NextPaul Linford - Not Sure 'bout This T / High StakesPaul Linford - This Doesn't Look Good / Hitch a RidePaul Linford - Layin' Low / Street RacePaul Linford - Bet'r Ride / Fast TrackPaul Linford - Kiss Yerss GoodbyePaul Linford - Take That DawgPaul Linford - BustedPaul Linford - Stakes Are HigherPaul Linford - Lucky Break / Get Out Of TroublePaul Linford - Need For Speed Most Wanted (Original Soundtrack)Paul Linford - Pursuit ThemesPaul Linford - The Mann / Take ThatPaul Linford - The Last PursuitPaul Linford - The HeatPaul Linford - Tense (Pursuit Cooldown)Paul Linford - Strike OnePaul Linford - Blackout (First Race Cutscene)Paul Linford - Blacklist 13 IntroPaul Linford - Blacklist 8 IntroPaul Linford - GonePaul Linford - Nitrous BoostPaul Linford - ChasePaul Linford - On the StreetPaul Linford - FasterPaul Linford - Dark ClimbPaul Linford - Rival GangsPaul Linford - Ride the RailPaul Linford - NFS Most Wanted Intro (Expanded)Paul Linford - Not Sure bout this T (Expanded)Paul Linford - Kick It Up a Notch (Expanded)Paul Linford - Layin Low (Expanded)Paul Linford - Betr Ride (Expanded)Paul Linford - This Doesn't Look Good (Expanded)Paul Linford - Don't Like It Do Ya [Cooldown] (Expanded)Paul Linford - Kiss Yer Ss Goodbye (Expanded)Paul Linford - Feels Good Donit (Expanded)Paul Linford - My My Missy (Expanded)Paul Linford - Don't Like It Do Ya (Expanded)Paul Linford - Take That Dawg (Expanded)Paul Linford - Ya Think (Expanded)Paul Linford - Not Sure bout This + Doesn't Look Good (with Chris Vrenna) (Expanded)Paul Linford - No Sure bout This T [Demo Mix] (Expanded)Paul Linford - The Mann (with Chris Vrenna) (Expanded)Paul Linford - Most Wanted Mash Up (Expanded)