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OutRun (arcade games)Naofumi Hataya - Full OST Sega Rally 2006Naofumi Hataya - Remember R-001 Sega Rally ChampionshipNaofumi Hataya - Power GamesNaofumi Hataya - My Dear Friend RallyNaofumi Hataya - Desert Replay - EvaluationNaofumi Hataya - Forest Replay - EvaluationNaofumi Hataya - Mountain Replay - EvaluationNaofumi Hataya - Lake Side ReplayNaofumi Hataya - Desert Land - (Forest Track - Championship Mode)Naofumi Hataya - Reckless Running - (Forest Track - Practice Mode)Naofumi Hataya - Getting Muddy (Mountain Track)Naofumi Hataya - Ignition (Lakeside Track)Naofumi Hataya - Around a LetterNaofumi Hataya - End Road of MonacoNaofumi Hataya - FanfareNaofumi Hataya - Game Over Yeah!Naofumi Hataya - Put Up a SignNaofumi Hataya - Mode SelectNaofumi Hataya - Conditioned ReflexNaofumi Hataya - Arcade SelectNaofumi Hataya - ResultNaofumi Hataya - Ending DemoNaofumi Hataya - My Dear Friend Rally (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Power Games (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Judgement (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Conditioned Reflex (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Desert Land (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Getting Muddy (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Reckless Running (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Ignition (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - End Of Road Monaco (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Fanfare (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Game Over Yeah (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Around A Letter (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Welcome To Sega Rally (Arcade)Naofumi Hataya - Put Up A Sign (Arcade)Sonic & Sega All-Stars RacingNaofumi Hataya - Whale Lagoon theme 2