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Need For Speed ProStreet Pepega EditionRichard Jacques - Everybody Jump Around Sonic RRichard Jacques - Can You Feel the Sunshine?Richard Jacques - Living in the CityRichard Jacques - Back in TimeRichard Jacques - Work It OutRichard Jacques - Diamond in the SkyRichard Jacques - Super Sonic RacingRichard Jacques - Number OneRichard Jacques - Start FanfareRichard Jacques - End FanfareRichard Jacques - Options ScreenRichard Jacques - Work it Out (Red Raw Mix)Richard Jacques - Super Sonic Racing (X-TRA Club Mix)Richard Jacques - Title ScreenRichard Jacques - Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Instrumental)Richard Jacques - Living in the City (Instrumental)Richard Jacques - Back in Time (Instrumental)Richard Jacques - Work It Out (Instrumental)Richard Jacques - Diamond in the Sky (Instrumental)Richard Jacques - Super Sonic Racing (Instrumental) Sega Rally 2006Richard Jacques - Hand BreaksRichard Jacques - Turbo Tech LittleBigPlanet KartingRichard Jacques - The CosmosRichard Jacques - Monster IslandsSonic & Sega All-Stars RacingRichard Jacques - Whale Lagoon theme 3Richard Jacques - Casino Park 4 Team Sonic RacingRichard Jacques - Ocean View: Intro Fly-by (with Jun Senoue)Richard Jacques - Ocean View: Lap Music (with Jun Senoue)Richard Jacques - Ocean View: Final Lap (with Jun Senoue)Richard Jacques - Ocean View: Goal (with Jun Senoue)Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedRichard Jacques - Title ScreenRichard Jacques - Main MenuRichard Jacques - Game SelectRichard Jacques - Ocean View (intro)Richard Jacques - Ocean ViewRichard Jacques - Samba Studios (intro)Richard Jacques - Samba StudiosRichard Jacques - Carrier Zone (intro)Richard Jacques - Carrier ZoneRichard Jacques - Dragon CanyonRichard Jacques - Temple Trouble (intro)Richard Jacques - Temple TroubleRichard Jacques - Galactic Parade (intro)Richard Jacques - Galactic ParadeRichard Jacques - Seasonal Shrines (intro)Richard Jacques - Seasonal ShrinesRichard Jacques - Rogue's Landing (intro)Richard Jacques - Rogue's LandingRichard Jacques - Dream Valley (intro)Richard Jacques - Dream ValleyRichard Jacques - Chilly Castle (intro)Richard Jacques - Chilly CastleRichard Jacques - Graffiti City (intro)Richard Jacques - Graffiti CityRichard Jacques - Sanctuary Falls (intro)Richard Jacques - Sanctuary FallsRichard Jacques - Graveyard Gig (intro)Richard Jacques - Graveyard GigRichard Jacques - Adder's Lair (intro)Richard Jacques - Adder's LairRichard Jacques - Burning Depths (intro)Richard Jacques - Burning DepthsRichard Jacques - OutRun Bay (intro)Richard Jacques - OutRun BayRichard Jacques - Race of Ages (intro)Richard Jacques - Race of AgesRichard Jacques - Sunshine TourRichard Jacques - Shibuya DowntownRichard Jacques - Roulette RoadRichard Jacques - Egg HangarRichard Jacques - ResultsRichard Jacques - Staff RollRichard Jacques - Sonic [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Tails [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Knuckles [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Amy Rose [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Dr. Eggman [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Shadow [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Metal Sonic [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Amigo [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - AiAi [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - MeeMee [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Joe Musashi [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Vyse [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - B.D. Joe [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Danica Patrick [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - NiGHTS [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Reala [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Beat [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Gum [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Gillius Thunderhead [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Ulala [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Pudding [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - AGES [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Alex Kidd [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Avatar [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Mii [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Ralph [All-Star Theme]Richard Jacques - Willemus All Star ThemeRichard Jacques - General Winter All-Star ThemeRichard Jacques - Team Fortress 2 All-Star ThemeRichard Jacques - Shogun All Star ThemeRichard Jacques - Football Manager All-Star ThemeRichard Jacques - Yogscast All-Star ThemeRichard Jacques - Ryo All-Star Theme Metropolis Street RacerRichard Jacques - Menu ThemeRichard Jacques - Am I Only DreamingRichard Jacques - HeartlandRichard Jacques - PushRichard Jacques - Low LightsRichard Jacques - Outside InRichard Jacques - Think About ItRichard Jacques - I Can Still BelieveRichard Jacques - Live Your LifeRichard Jacques - Come On BabyRichard Jacques - Fallen AngelRichard Jacques - California DemonRichard Jacques - Red LineRichard Jacques - Don't WaitRichard Jacques - When She Comes BackRichard Jacques - Long Long RoadRichard Jacques - Let's Get It On TonightRichard Jacques - You Can Love MeRichard Jacques - TimeRichard Jacques - It Doesn't Really MatterRichard Jacques - FreewayRichard Jacques - Holding OnRichard Jacques - Sold OutRichard Jacques - State of MindRichard Jacques - Club ParisRichard Jacques - Show Me Your LoveRichard Jacques - OverdriveRichard Jacques - PassionRichard Jacques - Tokyo Bonus Track Forza Motorsport 4Richard Jacques - Track 1Richard Jacques - Track 2