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Supercar Street ChallengeCirrus - Captain Cocktail (Intro Version)Cirrus - Time's Running OutCirrus - Captain CocktailCirrus - NassauXGRA Extreme-G Racing AssociationCirrus - Hit The DecksCirrus - Stop and Panic Demolition RacerCirrus - Stop And PanicCirrus - Break the MadnessCirrus - Abba ZabbaCirrus - Stop and Panic (Coffee Boys Remix)Cirrus - The Answer Downhill DominationCirrus - Breakbeat SuckersATV Offroad FuryCirrus - Stop And Panic Twisted Metal 4Cirrus - Time's Running Out Test Drive 6Cirrus - Captain CocktailCirrus - Time's Running OutNeed for Speed Road Challenge/High StakesCirrus - Stop and PanicGran Turismo 3: A-SpecCirrus - Break InNeed for Speed Underground 2Cirrus - Back On A Mission