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Baja: Edge of Control

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
United States Immigrant Experience Aiy Mijo
United States Immigrant Experience Aiy Papi
Adam Hamilton Burning Out Electronica
Scotland The View Comin' Down Rock
Reg Powell Desert Vision
United States The Exies Dose Rock
United States Boss Martians Don’t Want To See You Again Rock !HD Remaster only?
United States Rise Against Drones Rock
United States Fuel Gone Rock
United States The Sandals Gypsy Moods Flamenco
United States Foreign Born Into Your Dream Rock
United States The Black Summer Crush I Want More Rock !HD remaster
United States The Sandals Lorena's Dance Folk
Adam Hamilton Mechanical World Electronica
United States Immigrant Experience Morena
United States Say Anything People Like You are Why People Like Me Exist Rock
Adam Hamilton Running From The Future Electronica
United States Systemec Sky Wind Metal
United States Adam Hamilton Split Metal
M.O.P. Survival Rock
Sweden The Hives Tick Tick Boom Rock
United States Justin Raisen Turn Blue Rock

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