Ridge Racer Handheld/Mobile Games

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Ridge Racer DS
Ridge Racer (PSP)
Ridge Racer (J2ME)
Ridge Racer 2 (PSP)
Ridge Racer Accelerated (iOS)
Ridge Racer Drift (Windows Mobile)
Ridge Racer 3D (3DS)
Disc 1
Japan Sampling masters MEGA Psychokinesis Electronica
Japan Hiroshi Okubo Stream of Lights Electronica
Japan Rio Hamamoto Venomous Electronica
Japan Rio Hamamoto Heat Shadows Electronica
Japan Ryo Watanabe Phantasize Electronica
Disc 2
Japan Sampling masters AYA NOx Warheads Electronica
Japan Keiichi Okabe Rolling Glider Electronica
Japan Taku Inoue Nitro Right Now Electronica
Japan Hiroshi Okubo Burn Up The Road Electronica
Japan Rio Hamamoto Angel Halo Electronica
Disc 3
Japan Sampling masters AYA Call of Apsara Electronica
Japan Sampling masters AYA My Crazy Chainsaw Electronica
LindaAI-CUE Aberration Electronica
Japan Sampling masters MEGA Napalm Sled Electronica
Japan Sampling masters MEGA Dr. Mad’s Gone Electronica
Disc 4
Megaten Ridge Racer
Japan AYA Drive U 2 Dancing Remix Electronica
Japan AYA Euphoria Electronica
Megaten Rotten7 Remix Electronica
Japan Hiroshi Okubo M.T.T.B. Electronica
Disc 5
Japan Hiroshi Okubo Orbital Rock Electronica
Japan Hiroshi Okubo Rage Racer Remix Electronica
Japan Kohta Takahashi DareDevil Electronica
Japan Kohta Takahashi Move Me Electronica
Japan Akitaka Tohyama Freak Out Electronica
Disc 6
Japan Sampling masters MEGA Combustion Electronica
Japan Hiroshi Okubo Explorers Electronica
Japan Tetsukazu Nakanishi Ultra Cruise Electronica
J99 Trail of Light Electronica
Sanodg Radiance Electronica
Ridge Racer (PSVita)
Ridge Racer Slipstream - same as Ridge Racer 7
Ridge Racer Draw & Drift (Android/iOS)

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