Initial D Exteme Stage

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Italy Manuel Let's Go, Come On Eurobeat
Italy Fastway Go Beat Crazy Eurobeat
D-Team Speed Car Eurobeat
The Spiders From Mars Fly Me To The Moon & Back Eurobeat
Italy Fastway Revolution Eurobeat
Italy Digital Planet We'll See Heaven Eurobeat
Japan Lia All Around Eurobeat
Italy Dave Rodgers Eldorado Eurobeat
Italy Fastway Raising Hell Eurobeat
Italy Fastway Space Love Eurobeat
Italy Manuel No Control Eurobeat
Symbol Forever Young Eurobeat
Italy Ace Rider Of The Sky Eurobeat
Spock The Fire's On Me Eurobeat
Japan M.o.v.e 蒼穹のFlight (Soukyuu No Flight) Eurobeat
Japan m.o.v.e Dive Into Stream Eurobeat

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