FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
Menu (only?)
Scotland Twin Atlantic No Sleep Rock !Launch Trailer
Races (only?)
Canada The Planet Smashers Never Die Old Rock
United States The Menstruators Sherman Oaks Rock
United States Beartooth Aggressive Metal
Scotland Twin Atlantic The Chaser Rock
Dead Glitter Salty
Canada Gutter Demons Unfinished Business Rock
Canada Mad Parish The Rite of Belonging Metal
United States Them Evils She Got Nothin Rock !Gameplay Trailer
Wales Spider Kitten You Can Talk About Heartache Rock
Australia Twelve Foot Ninja Invincible Metal
Canada Mad Parish Mad Parish Metal
United States The Menstruators You Belong To Me Rock
United States Them Evils Untold Rock
Brazil Trivoltz Gasoline Rock
Canada Gutter Demons Hellride Rock
England Buzz Deluxe Running Out of Time Rock
Canada Mad Parish Doppelganger Rock
Brazil Trivoltz Mr. Policeman Rock
United States The Menstruators Princess Hollywood Rock
Scotland Twin Atlantic Cell Mate Rock
Canada The Creepshow See You in Hell Rock
United States Beartooth Hated Metal
United States The Menstruators Supergirl Rock
Wales Spider Kitten The Better Part of Clarity Metal
Scotland Twin Atlantic I Am An Animal Rock
Canada Raygun Cowboys Heads Are Gonna Roll Rock
United States Them Evils Put Your Love on Me Rock
United States The Unlikely Candidates Your Love Could Start a War Rock
Canada Matchless Pills & Blades Rock
Trailers (only)

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